A month of: Paul Mitchell hairdye

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Please remember I am not a professional hair stylist, only sharing my own experiences here!

I could not stop experimenting with my hair (-color) ever… Been doing research on cruelty free but longer lasting hairdyes than the semi-permanent ones a lot and then nearly had to sell my soul to find a place where I can purchase those Paul Mitchell colors. Those usually are hairstylist only permanent  dyes but still I needed to try them. Been using professional hairdyes before so I thought it would only take a month or two until I understand how to get bright and long lasting results.

1606 review amonthof paulmitchell thecolorxg dyesmart

The packaging! Shiny black for bonus points!

First dye:

The colors I first purchased were 7RO and 8C, a pack contains 90ml / 3fl. oz, both are coppery orange / reds, I mixed 1:1 with 30 VOL 9% processing cream (creme oxydante / developer, old one was empty so I took the Paul Mitchell version as well), no pre bleaching. The part of my hair that was ‘new’ took the color quite good, the pre bleached / dyed hair was good as well but definitely less intense. Those pre dyed parts also faded really fast, especially since I was not able to take good care of it through WGT. Still, as mentioned before with a new company of hairdye it sometimes takes a while until you know how to use them properly.

Second dye:

I bought a pack of Orange 34 intensifier to add to the colors, just to make the copper shine a bit brighter. Mixed all of the dyes 1:2 with the processing cream. This time the outcome was a lot better! The hairline was less visible, entire hair shiny copper orange!

1606 review amonthof paulmitchell crueltyfree hairdye thecolorxg dyesmart ondarkhair orange34 intensifier 7ro 8c 1606 ootd gothic orange copper hair sidecut tattoo paul mitchell dye review

Left: right after dyeing, a bit of hairline is visible. But remember, my hair is a very dark brown, nearly black with already a lot of silvery grey in between so this is some shades lighter for sure! probably would be less visible if I went with 12% developer or pre lighten the roots but I will stick to 9& because I know my hair can still grow long with that and I guess with a few more times dyeing it will be less visible as well… Right: This time it also looks nice after 3 washes have passed, nearly 2 weeks and still looking fresh! And sorry, right pic was stolen from latest outfit post.

Anyways, already excited for my third time dyeing but at this point I already am very happy with the color, looks a bit more natural but still shines bright so sticking to the mixture from second dyeing and the green dipdye / ombre will definitely stay as well ( sticking to my beloved Stargazer mixture here)

Any hair experiments lately? Have you tried Paul Mitchell stuff yet?