Review: Illamasqua Beyond Powder ‘OMG’!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

This probably happened when I had a weak moment, I bought my very first highlighter. Probably could have tried a cheap one first to see if it would be used at all but nope, went with Illamasqua‘s new (released April 21st, order placed April 22nd so maybe it was that sparkling new item that caused me clicking the purchase button?) Beyond Powder in OMG (champagne shimmer, the lighter of the two colors) for no less than 41.95€ (32GBP). Comes with 7g (0.24OZ) of product and should be used within 24 months after opening.

1605 review illamasqua beyond powder omg champagne shimmer highlighter 1605 review illamasqua bejond powder highlighter omg champagne shimmer pale swatch tattoo 1605 review illamasqua beyond powder omg champagne shimmer highlighter detail

Look at that shiny little thing, nearly enough shiny pigments to cover a tattoo when light shines on it!

Official description from packaging: A baked highlighting powder subtly adding a warm hue to your complexion for a natural, radiant glow. Whether you want to achieve an all over illuminating finish or simply highlight certain points, Beyond’s lightweight texture glides onto skin effordlessly, creating a healthy, flawless skin finish. With the choice to apply wet or dry, it provides long lasting results and can also be used on the body to achieve a natural, bronzed skin effect.

1606 review illamasqua beyond powders baked highlighting powder omg fotd goth pale champagne shimmer cruelty free

Depending on how much you apply and what lightning you’re facing it can look natural to bright shining like a full moon!

My thoughts: It, as always, arrived within shortest of time, in the black box with black paper stuffing was another, small black box that holds the product. Let’s see how many times one can use the word black in one single sentence! Anyways, opened the tyical Illamasqua black plastic case, comes with a mirror in the lid. Found the most shimmering pressed product I could think of. This may be especially attractive to people who, like me, love everything glitter. So feeling like some makeup addicted Smeagol I had to touch, swatch and try it immediately (*my precious*). Loved the way it looked on my wrist and also on my cheeks. Having what seems to be the worlds oiliest skin (at least forehead and nose area) in history I was afraid it would draw even more attention to that, which it did not. I only applied it on my cheekbones, loved the fresh shining look it gave that area and when I met some friends later that day they asked if I changed my skin cream because my skin would look better, not oily, dewy, even with my forehead being te way it always is. So for my cheekbones I found some new favourite thing, can add a decent shimmer but also be built to shine like crazy! Also tried to add as under eyebrow highlighter since my used to shadow for this is a similar color but that did not work for me. Anyways after investing that much money on something that I could have regretted easily (since that is about how much I spend on food for 4-5 days) I am even more happy with this product – perfect highlighter for pale people who like cruelty free beauty products!

Do you use a highlighter? Which one could you recommend? Have a nice evening!

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