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Month: June, 2016

Random 16-06

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month (or since writing last random post) and would not fit into another post…

1607 bee eating honey saving nature 1606 random illamasqua sketchstick haze black stargazer eyedust pigment20 ombre blackgreen lipstick goth 1606 random red rose love potatotrick

Bee-saving! That potato trick for roses didn’t work when I tried, maybe I did it wrong, will try again if I ever get another one!

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

list-bat-png Postguy seemed to be in a hurry this month: rang my doorbell and when i arrived at the door (remember, small flat) the package was already standing in front of my door, I didn’t have to sign, nobody knew if I was there and we currently have a lot of craftsmen in our house, the frontdoor is open for them like 24/7. Of course I am happy that I don’t have to go to the post office but still, someone else could easily have grabbed the package without me noticing it…
list-bat-png Postguy 2: Ringing my doorbell and within maybe 20 seconds he already threw in the notification, gave me the parcel but still, did he pre-write all notifications to be able to throw them in this fast?!
list-bat-png Weather continued to act up crazy, one minute extremely hot, humid, five minutes later sky dark as the night, rain and thunder and again a few minutes later sunny hot. We also have had tornados and hail this month (In Germany…). Can we just stop destroying nature so it doesn’t want to kill us anymore?
list-bat-png So many bees crossing my way lately, most of them in urgent need of help, close to my home that is pretty easy, grabbing a spoon with some honey and they will be able to fly again soon but what to do when I am far away from home? Might have to take a syringe filled with honey with me.
list-bat-png Been reading a lot about 3l water or tea a day boosting your skin and everything – anyone really able to drink that much water or tea? Did it work? I still am trying to but for someone who struggled a few years ago with drinking 1l a day that is quite some task (2250ml tea each day for me at the moment)!
list-bat-png Noticed my painlevel is far less when it is really warm (like 25+°C) Still wearing long sleeves because that helps – even though it causes a lot of people to call me names. For example on my first day off when doing my DVD-sale-visit at the local video store an old man (maybe 60 / 70) was passing by on his bike. Shouting at me that it is warm enough to wear thinner and shorter clothing and that I look stupid like this. Seriously, usually it is the 16 / 30 year olds that do / say things like this…
list-bat-png How can I remove a moth from my flat without killing it?
list-bat-png Some more months have passed and by now I finished to categorize my music library songs starting with a-c, by year of first release (aka learning to hate samplers), genres and personal ratings… Maybe the people from apple phone support were right and I spend too much on that kind of things? Whatever, new month, new music!

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

list-bat-png Joachim Witt is doing a Pledge campaign for his new Album (Thron)
list-bat-png For those people who enjoy brownish nude shades of lipsticks, Naelle from De.Lirium shows her collection here: The colour of corpse lips: Taupe swatches
list-bat-png Sylvie from little corp goth girl shared her experience at The Cure concert with us, probably making everyone more excited. I am going to see them in Stuttgart this November (and sue to the holiday schedule at work still have to sell my ticket for Köln / Cologne). So excited already!

Most played songs this month:

list-bat-png L’âme Immortelle – Aus den Ruinen
list-bat-png The Birthday Massacre – Falling Down
list-bat-png Schiller & Veljanov – Desire
list-bat-png Zeraphine – Kannst du verzeihen
list-bat-png Mantus – Tränenpalast

What has been inspiring for you this June? Any plans for July? Have a nice evening!


Burning Faerie for my kitchen?

Hey there, Internet!

When you know me for some time you might already know that I have some soft spot for absinthes and faeries and that my kitchen is currently under heavy construction. Well, during my last nights off work I could not put the paintbrush away, there was some leftover woodchip wallpaper as well as some leftover tinting paint from when I painted my kitchen. That color would have turned bad soon (started to change structure a bit already) and since the wall above the stove was still completely empty I knew what I had to do.

1606 art diy painting green background 1606 art diy green painting background mossy 1606 art diy naked nude female faerie gothic macabre

Layers and layers and layers of paint!

The background was done with maybe 10-15 layers of paint, mixed with water to get some irregular color. Then I started with a faerie, I wanted to do something inspired by those beautiful absinthe faerie illustration, be it the ones of famous artists or those that you can find on the covers of your favourite bottle. But like pens always do everything in the end starts to change by themselves and my faerie started to get some spooky tentacle like arms and legs and moth-like wings instead of those butterfly shaped ones. Background got some flame inspired orange shapes on the bottom. Then I felt the hair I had on my mind would not look good anymore, that they probably would need some watery look as well to not look awkward in combination with the body. Thought was put onto paper and after another few layers I think I actually liked her.

1606 art diy painting green burning absinthe faerie 1606 art diy painting green fire absinthe faerie spooky goth home decor kitchen

In the end more of some spooky burning faerie than an absinthe one but it was her choice! And definitely needs some more decoration around it!

Hung her up on the wall and now will have to shop for some of those plastic decoration ivys and other leaves for the wall. Plan still is to have my kitchen over-crowded with decoration (Nope, not that bad idea to decorate, I barely ‘cook’ – am more of a salad in every way you can think of person so there is not that much of oily dust around!)

What are your current (artsy-) projects? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-06 (II)

Hey there, Internet!

Another day off that I spent with that friend from last time and Pokémon X/Y, it definitely will be a tough challenge because we both started with generation one and both maybe a tiny bit obsessed. Really looking forwards for the next few weeks, will be visiting a friend in northern Germany soon so maybe some long overdue clubbing night!

1606 ootd gothic ironfist teasedhair sidecut tattoo handcuff spikes

No corset today because I was unable to find one that would look good with this top!

1606 ootd gothic outfit details handcuff spike belt 1606 ootd gothic details stretchedears 12mm green orangehair spikes 1606 ootd ironfist skirt fabric detail

What I’m wearing

I promise I will try not to buy another new skirt in July.

Leggings: Blackmilk (Wet Look Black)
Boots: Solovair
Skirt: Ironfist
Belt: Attitude Clothing (no idea what brand)

1606 ootd illamasqua eyeshadow makeup eyeliner falselashes glasses gothic 1606 fotd lipstick lipgloss illamasqua sketchstick haze black intenselipgloss touch sparkling red 1606 notd nailpolish stargazer516 grey


One of the few days that you can find me with red eyemakeup and red lips!

Lips: Illamasqua (Sketch Stick in Haze, Intense Lipgloss in touch – sparkling bloody dark red)
Nails: Stargazer 516
Eyes: Alverde (First Class Volume Mascara), Illamasqua (Precision Gel Liner in Infinity on waterline, Pure Pigment in Berber, False Eyelashes 27), Sleek (Ultra Mattes V2 Palette, Enchanted Forest Palette), Gothmetics (Perfectly Staged Eye Pencil)
Etc: Illamasqua (Beyond Powder in OMG, Eyeshadow in Heroine)

Do you also have colors in your makeup stash that you barely use? Have a nice evening!

Haul: Illamasqua (Hypnotica)

Hey there, Internet!

These days I am in some kind of Illamasqua shopping mood – they throw one new collection after another one at us and you can be sure there always is at least one item you’re craving for. In the beginning of June they released the Hypnotica mini collection which included the marbled lipstick ‘lava lips’, sketch sticks, dolly fake lashes and slick sticks and I was lucky enough that I still had my Birthday 15% off coupon.

1606 haul illamasqua hypnotica false lashes dolly desire27 skinbasefoundation sketchstick haze black 1606 haul illamasqua hypnotica sketchstick haze black review

So this is what I bought when the Hypnotica collection was released, mixture of new collection and old stuff.

False Eye Lashes in Dolly (11GBP):
Official Product Details: Handmade and cruelty free, Illamasqua False Eye Lashes are the go to for adding subtle volume and length to your natural lashes. Apply Dolly to the lower lash line with the latex-free glue provided for a flirty, fun enhancement.
First impression: I think these are the first pair of lashes that I own that say they should be used for the lower lash line. Will do some modification on them but like the first impression, they do look quite natural!

Sketch Stick in Haze (15GBP, 2.4 g / 0.08 OZ):
Official Product Details: A multi-use crayon with powerful pigment pay off. Sketch Stick allows you to get creative with colour with its creamy texture allowing for easy blending. The faultless way to add a splash of colour to any look.
First impression: I really want to try how good this one is as a lipstick or maybe as some primer for dark eyeshadows? Probably a lot of different ways to use this for and I will do a detailed review with some of them for you soon.

False Eye Lashes No. 27 (Desire, 12.50GBP):
Official Product Details: Handmade and cruelty free, Illamasqua False Eye Lashes in 27 are the go to lashes for adding subtle volume and length to your natural lashes. Apply with the latex-free glue provided for ultimate staying power and precise application..
First impression: Lovely pair of lashes, adding a lot of volume while still looking natural. I guess they will be some kind of everyday falsies for me.

Skin Base Foundation in 02 (32.50GBP, 30 ml / 1 FL OZ):
Official Product Details: Our award-winning Skin Base Foundation in shade 02 is the go-to choice to create a flawless complexion every day. This lightweight, easily blendable foundation is suitable for most skin types and smooths, softens and conditions thanks to skin boosting Vitamin C and E. Tested in HD environments, this foundation also provides the ultimate skin realism effect and with 26 shades to choose from, finding your perfect match has never been so easy.
First impression: For this I emailed the Illamasqua team, before this I’ve used Rick Liquid Foundation and Powder Foundation, both in 115 and I wasn’t sure which of the Skin Base Foundations would be the right color. They told me to get 02 and from the first swatch I think it is just perfect and now I just hope this will work good on my oily skin! (combination skin with very oily parts)

I guess in July the lip lure in Nebulus will follow since I really miss the dark green lipgloss color that I got a few years back in a glossybox and also would like to try some other brand of liquid lipsticks than the Jeffree Star one.

Is there something you can’t resist buying like I can’t with new false lashes? Have a nice evening!


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