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Month: May, 2016


Hey there, Internet!

Lately my newsfeed seems to explode from all kind of different sites that collect money, Kickstarter, Patreon, whatever there might be. They often do have interesting projects but in the end something always kept me from spending my money to one of the advertised projects. This changed when Faderhead said he would like to try Kickstarter for his new album, FH-X. I can’t clearly say why this time i clicked the button but here are some positive things to think about when you see a crowd-founding thing next time and are not sure if you want to support.

1605 kickstarter faderhead fhx autograph

Worst thing: I have no clue where to put this because I am not a cd-collector and hence have no place where I am happy with them, yet!

Most of us know how much money we will make by the end of the month. For people who do some creative job this might be different. Of course those as well sometimes are paid by hour or simply by month but a lot have to pay all their material and create something before even knowing if someone will buy from them, a lot have to work in another job as well to even be able to afford their art. I like the idea of supporting someone during the process of creating, even if we only know a tiny part of the idea when sending the money, chances are the finished piece will be even better!

Those extra bits you get! By sending different amounts of money most people will add special things for you, depending on how much you send! In this case I am very happy I went with a bonus cd, the songs definitely are amazing and the hand written card made me laugh as well!

Support an artist you already follow for some time (someone who you most probably will purchase new releases as soon as possible anyways) or find ideas of creative minds that are new to you! A lot of the artists share details of the creating process with you as they are working on it which I think actually is pretty fun!

Do you know of any interesting projects on kickstarter or similar websites these days? Have a nice evening!


The Joy of Pa(ni)cking

Hey there, Internet!

On a sidenote: You will be able to find my pics from WGT on my instagram (@rschnauzevoll) and twitter (@justkeepbrains). I still have some minutes before I leave so a few more comments are going to be approved and answered and your links then definitely will be visited when I am back after WGT.

While I am happy to have a visitor at my flat during my time at WGT so I know it is taken care of there still is one thing left to do: packing. In my case, even though I use a list for everything you can be sure there is something missing in the end. Anyways I thought I would share my ever changing packing list for Wave Gotik Treffen, Mera Luna and other festival travels with you today, feel free to tell me what you would add!

1605 panick packing festival wgt list

so this is what this years pile looks like…

Blanket & pillow (yes, believe me, this feels good to have! Instead of a pillow giant plushies will work as well…)
Airbed ( & Airpump)
Tent (of course)
Tent pegs (bring an extra bag of these!) and hammer
Impregnating spray for your tent (Sun always shines on TV, in real life not so much)
Camping Chair, maybe table

list-bat-pngFood stuff:
Empty plastic bottles (a lot of camping grounds won’t allow you to take glass bottles with you. Festivals where you park next to your tent, Rockharz for example, might even have a security check for bottles and stuff in your car before you can enter.)
Plastic mug, fork spoon.

Glasses / Contacts (plus cleaning stuff)
Comfy clothing for the night / travelling (Maybe some shoes to change if your feet get tired of stompy boots or heels quickly)
Socks, Slips, Bras, enough of all and an extra pair
Of course, enough of whatever you want to wear for all of the days!
Jewelry and Accessories
Sunglasses, Fan, Umbrella
As for makeup, try to go through your routine and put in everything you used (can’t give a list here I guess) and don’t forget to take a mirror with you!

Towels (body & hair)
Toilet paper
Deo-spray to take with you to the toilet (Yes, dixi toilets might have to be used)
Shower Gel
Blow Dryer (plus heat protect for hair and whatever iron you need)
Toothbrush, paste, mouthwash
Perfume and deo-spray
Body lotions and sunscreen

list-bat-pngOther stuff:
Money (For festivals I usually take 50€ / day with me, food, drinks and a tiny bit of shopping)
Mobile & charger
Alarm (Try to bring something additional to your mobile with you because of batteries that might run empty)
Medicines (whatever you need to have with you, maybe bring a paper from your doctor in case of harsh security.)
Torch and some other battery operated light to set up in your tent (don’t forget the batteries!)
Hankies, Disinfection Wipes
Safety Pins
Paper & Pen (new friends and other things you might want to write down)

Would there be anything you would add to that list? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Makeup, 2016-05 (FOTD)

Hey there, Internet!

So we probably all have those beauty items that we do not use as they were intended to be used. For me that would be gel eyeliner, used on the waterline (inner part of eyelid, where you would place your kajal). I definitely have had some bad experiences with gel eyeliners that obviously should not be used for the waterline. Moments where I was running around my flat, screaming, washing my eyes out because the formula hurt, felt as if my eyes were burning. Luckily though, there are also those gel eyeliners that will feel like your average kajal but stay for a day without fading (not sure if by long term they will cause damage to my already broken eyes…). This leads to me not having to spend more time than neccessary in the restrooms when going out but also to a ton of gel eyeliner that I don’t want to throw away but that I also don’t want to use this way and for my common eyeliner games I definitely prefer liquid. Anyways, they will be used for my crying eye makeups but also for some different looks when I simply need a lot of black. This happened today. I actually wanted to sew my curtains but my sewing machine (which I also call Else, simply because she always acts up and that is a name that is easy to use while screaming, cursing and so on!) refused to work so I was annoyed and bored and in whatever bad mood one could think of, playing with makeup helps a lot on those days so that’s what I did!

1605 fotd eotd gothic eyemakeup amu gel eyeliner cruelty free beauty 1605 gothic eyeliner irregular eotd amu black eyeshadow cruelty free beauty mua

Products used:

Foundation: Illamasqua
Mascara: Alverde (First Class Volume)
Eyeshadow: Sleek (Bad Girl Palette)
Eyeliner: Alverde (Gel Eyeliner Extreme Black)

What about you? Any products you use different than they were meant to be used? Have a nice evening!


Review: A month of Alverde Lash Booster

Hey there, Internet!

No idea why I stopped using lash boosters a few years back, maybe because in the end I thought they did not help? Maybe because I usually wear falsies anyways? But when I was browsing my local DM (drugstore) these two lovely things somehow jumped into my cart and I took them home with me and tried them for a month. And yes, Alverde is cruelty free!

1604 review alverde lash booster over night coffein serum beauty care cruelty free

Simple packaging of both the products

Alverde Over Night Coffein Serum: (8ml for 3.95€) Applicator equals some mascara wands, description says it includes benefitial oils and berry-wax. Promises to regenerate and strengthen your lashes. Clear to slightly milky pigmentation with a hint of sweet scent to it.

Alverde Lash Booster: (3ml for 4.95€) Has a brush applicator, applies and also feels like some clear-colored liquid eyeliner. They recommend using it 1-2 times each day right at the lashes (roots), described as a serum that will result in longer and fuller lashes.

Both sadly won’t say how long they are useable after being opened for the first time so I would go with the cycles you toss your mascara and eyeliner or get a new one as soon as they start to smell, feel or look strange.

1605 review a month of alverde lash booster natural care cruelty free cosmetics before 1605 review cruelty free cosmetics beauty alverde lash booster coffein serum after

left: before, right: after a month of use, please excuse lack of concealer, both pictures right after shower, before makeup.

Overnight serum applied during night routine, lash booster used during night and day routine. While the pictures might only show a little difference I definitely noticed some obvious changes, my lashes do feel stronger and I think they also grew a bit thicker and longer. It might seem to me this way simply because I know that I used the boosters though. In the end at least the overnight coffein serum (the one that is applied like a mascara) could as well be used at daytimes instead of mascara when you go for your falsies, it adds another layer to your lashes so they actually do look longer and fuller while still adding some benefitial oils to your lashes. There are some lash primers out there that probably will do the same but this one definitely will stay in my routine and will be used a lot. I also bought a backup of the lash booster (the one with brush applicator) and probably will use it for a few more months as well and when it is empty will rethink again if it is worth the money for me.

Do you use anything to take better care of your lashes? Have a nice evening!


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