Random 16-05

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month (or since writing last random post) and would not fit into another post…

1605 random tiny spider creating web 1605 random urban gardening herbs nature lavender rosemary 1605 random kitchen ceiling mossy green velvet spider decor

Baby spider, baby lavenders and baby rosemary… kitchen ceiling is not new but i redid and now am 100% happier with it!

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

list-bat-png At WGT I had a strange, end of night conversation with a guy about hairstyling. In the end it seems that I need someone as partner not for the hugging but for having someone who can help me with my hair and who I can help with theirs. Was a pretty funny conversation and I have to agree his girl makes a great job with his hair!
list-bat-png Getting old, this girl is 29 now. No congratulations needed, I am not too happy about my age and what I managed to do with my life so far but then again, the past 1-2 years were quite promising so I might feel ok with those numbers one day!
list-bat-png When did I buy this and why? – Looking through my entire wardrobe I found a lot of clothing items I forgot about, actually thought this would never happen to me…?
list-bat-png Playing with my haircolor again, bit less bright orange, bit more copper, anyone else currently hunting after some new hair goal?
list-bat-png Had to take some heavy medicine and had a lack of sports because of pain attacks, put on a lot of weight – this was the reason why there were little to no outfit posts lately. Slowly reducing the medication and trying to get back to my fitness level as soon as possible. No idea what it is that always tries to get me off that track but I won’t stop fighting and the doctors seem to have a clue this time! Guess I can as well share my progress in text and pictures with you, starting June?

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

list-bat-png Another nicely written post on Bien Aimée that focuses on how bad some people behave towards alternative / goth people (Good Goths Play Nice). As mentioned in the comments, lately I switched to something that is somewhere around being nice but still shows them that their behavior is not ok…
list-bat-png I love stories like this: A Night a the Devil’s Cave by Lauren!
list-bat-png LEGO ideas, this one has been shared quite a lot recently, how about a vote so we all can have some Addams Family merchandise for christmas / halloween?

Most played songs this month:

list-bat-png Jesus on Extasy – Church of Extasy
list-bat-png Iris – Closer to real
list-bat-png Project Rotten (feat. Johann von Roy) – Club death
list-bat-png Thoushaltnot – Cardinal Directions (Directionless mix)
list-bat-png Kiew – Zimmer 72

What has been inspiring for you this May? Any plans for April? Have a nice evening!