New curtains and a broken sewing machine.

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

When discussing with other bloggers lately I found myself mentioning my Else a lot, my sewing machine that these days refuses to work. Name is Else because that is a name you can scream quite good, not my first sewing machine but definitely the one that acts up the most so that kind of name is required. This time I tried everything I could, clean, open as much as I can, clean again, put everything back together. Still Else refuses to work, or better – she eats fabric, one stitch and the fabric gets down her stomach wile she creates a spiderweb from the bobbin thread. I guess it is time to take her to a professional this time but to be honest I haven’t looked at who does work with Pfaff machines around yet. Anyways, the stash with things I wanted to start or continue working with grew and in the end I grabbed the crêpe georgette and finally started handsewing my curtains.

1605 diy handsew curtains black crepe georgette 1605 diy curtains thread scissors needles handsewing 1605 diy curtains handsewing crepe georgette black gothic home decor

Testing my own patience I guess!

One curtain took about 2 hours so I was happy I still had 3 more nights off work – could do one each nigt and be finished with all 4 when I had to get back to work! And even though that room is still mainly empty, only holds my camping stuff and whatever might be needed in the flat or on the balcony later on, those new curtains definitely make it look more beautiful and like an actual room. So whenever I will find some nice, heavier fabric I will do the heavier set of curtains for nighttimes and hope that by then Else will be back into a good mood and help me with them!

1605 diy mycave gothic home decor black crepe georgette curtains

This nice fabric was on sale for just 2.95€ / m, so I just had to buy the 12m that were required!

Do you stick to curtains off the rack or do your own ones as well? Have a nice evening!