On Blogging, Giveaways and Online Friendships

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

I think I said it quite a few times that the friends you make when blogging to me are real friends, even if most of us ‘only’ know each other online – we talk on a regular basis and can tell by our messages and posts how the other one is feeling. We probably know more about each other than a lot of our so called real life friends and when we meet, maybe at events like WGT or other festivals or when travelling through different countries it is like we have known each other for a lifetime. This definitely is one of the main reasons for me to blog, I love to read all of your stories, see how we work together like a family, send cyber hugs when needed and simply inspire each other. Can’t say that often enough.

Then there are Giveaways, I like to host mine twice a year (October for Halloween, February for Blogversary) and so far have been lucky it seems, with every giveaway I hosted here (or on my previous blog) there were quite a few entries, rafflecopter was used to randomly select a winner. When other blogs do giveaways I prefer to keep quiet, watch who is going to win and then stalk their blog for those extremely happy ‘I won!’ post showing what they got. Then sadly there are blogs whose followers seem to be all like me (aka stalkers / watching only) or who are not that active, whatsoever. It seems this happened to our dear frilly frenchie who hosted a goth / romantic giveaway on her blog. Like most times I clicked that ‘like’ button but nobody entered, still, this lady sent me a nice mail afterwards telling me she would like to send the prize to me, is this some kind of passive winning? Anyways, today I got a really cute parcel from my mailbox and here is what was inside:

 1605 giveaway winner by lululaterna art postcard pumpkin buttons 1605 giveaway lululaterna goth buttons

I definitely am happy, stuff that will be used in the future and her beautiful card that shows some of her art will be kept on my mood-board as well! So thank you again, hoping next time more people will notice your giveaways and enter so you will be able to pick a true winner! BTW, if it is any help – when you are hosting a giveaway at the end of the month you can tell me and I will add a link to your giveaway post in my monthly random post (posted 28th-31st of each month), love to share some joy!

What keeps you people away from entering giveaways? Just wondering… Have a nice evening!