The Joy of Pa(ni)cking

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

On a sidenote: You will be able to find my pics from WGT on my instagram (@rschnauzevoll) and twitter (@justkeepbrains). I still have some minutes before I leave so a few more comments are going to be approved and answered and your links then definitely will be visited when I am back after WGT.

While I am happy to have a visitor at my flat during my time at WGT so I know it is taken care of there still is one thing left to do: packing. In my case, even though I use a list for everything you can be sure there is something missing in the end. Anyways I thought I would share my ever changing packing list for Wave Gotik Treffen, Mera Luna and other festival travels with you today, feel free to tell me what you would add!

1605 panick packing festival wgt list

so this is what this years pile looks like…

Blanket & pillow (yes, believe me, this feels good to have! Instead of a pillow giant plushies will work as well…)
Airbed ( & Airpump)
Tent (of course)
Tent pegs (bring an extra bag of these!) and hammer
Impregnating spray for your tent (Sun always shines on TV, in real life not so much)
Camping Chair, maybe table

list-bat-pngFood stuff:
Empty plastic bottles (a lot of camping grounds won’t allow you to take glass bottles with you. Festivals where you park next to your tent, Rockharz for example, might even have a security check for bottles and stuff in your car before you can enter.)
Plastic mug, fork spoon.

Glasses / Contacts (plus cleaning stuff)
Comfy clothing for the night / travelling (Maybe some shoes to change if your feet get tired of stompy boots or heels quickly)
Socks, Slips, Bras, enough of all and an extra pair
Of course, enough of whatever you want to wear for all of the days!
Jewelry and Accessories
Sunglasses, Fan, Umbrella
As for makeup, try to go through your routine and put in everything you used (can’t give a list here I guess) and don’t forget to take a mirror with you!

Towels (body & hair)
Toilet paper
Deo-spray to take with you to the toilet (Yes, dixi toilets might have to be used)
Shower Gel
Blow Dryer (plus heat protect for hair and whatever iron you need)
Toothbrush, paste, mouthwash
Perfume and deo-spray
Body lotions and sunscreen

list-bat-pngOther stuff:
Money (For festivals I usually take 50€ / day with me, food, drinks and a tiny bit of shopping)
Mobile & charger
Alarm (Try to bring something additional to your mobile with you because of batteries that might run empty)
Medicines (whatever you need to have with you, maybe bring a paper from your doctor in case of harsh security.)
Torch and some other battery operated light to set up in your tent (don’t forget the batteries!)
Hankies, Disinfection Wipes
Safety Pins
Paper & Pen (new friends and other things you might want to write down)

Would there be anything you would add to that list? Have a nice evening!