Review: Rockin’ Bones Clothing!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

As mentioned in one of my Random posts – I messed something up while online shopping. But let’s start at the beginning. I remember a few years ago when Rockin’ Bones were already posting on instagram, I loved their somewhat unique clothing with a bit of used / DIY look, in a good way. No idea why it took me so long until I placed my first order though. Their team consists of Robert and Kendra and Larry the supervisor kitty (who I am pretty sure is the one who reacts as fast to all contacts, mail or social media!)

1604 review rockinbones alternative gothic punk clothing graveyard devil bat skeleton

Shipping (standard) to Germany takes a bit longer (2-3 weeks, both time the tracking messed up in Chicago / would not update afterwards, blaming the delivery people though…) but both my orders arrived perfectly fine in the end. They offer free shipping on oders over 100$. As you can see I sticked to the dark grey and silver print, both are not too dominant in an outfit and can easily be combined, and both colors sparkle in sunlight!

1604 review rockinbones bat top screenprint dark grey gothic 1604 review rockinbones clothing gothic altenative bat shirt

Bat top. (32.95$) The thing I messed up, completely forgot to select a size so the order was done in standard XXS which definitely would not fit. As soon as I noticed I sent them a mail (as well as spamming twitter and their contact, sorry for that!) telling what sizes I actually wanted to chose and within shortest of time they said everything was fine and changed already, thanks for that! I learned my lesson, never go online shopping when you should be asleep. The straps can be bound a few different ways so you can change the way it looks easily!

1604 review rockinbonesclothing bat skeleton skirt

Bat skeleton skirt. (28.95$) Went for dark grey print as well. This was not available yet when I bought it but they accept special requests so you just buy the cut you want with a different print and tell them at the end what existing print you want to be done. For booty girls like me there often is the problem of mini skirts upriding (the reason why I wear some of my skirts only as crop-tops) but with these so far I didn’t have this problem – well, once when I wore it to a dancing night but that one was excessive.

1604 review rockinbones death and devil tarot shorts 1604 review rockinbones death and devil tarot shorts gothic clothing

Death & Devil Tarot shorts. (28.95$) I went with silver print (only on back side), regular waist. You can as well chose high waisted but for people who wear corsets on top of their clothing most of the times that would cause a lot of trouble visiting the bathroom. Another good thing I need to mention is that the fabric is strechy enough to not cut into my flesh (booty girl here, as mentioned!)

1604 review rockinbones gothic alternative punk clothing cemetery skirt 1601 ootd gothic rockinbones skirt cemetery pentagram velvet corset

Cemetery skirt. (28.95$) Again, dark grey print, I would love to see some of their gear in burnt orange though! And as mentioned earlier, no upriding and a beautiful shimmer in sunlight. Love that this print is not just a symbol but covers the entire fabric (except the waistband)

So yes, I can highly recommend them, and don’t forget to follow their social media or newsletter so you know about what is happening, retiring or new designs and everything else!

Do you have some Rockin’ Bones gear yet? Have a nice evening!