Time for a watch – etNox!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

I may have mentioned or maybe not, after being annoyed by the fact that as soon as my mobile runs out of energy I have no idea of what time it is I was browsing the internet for a watch. Maybe more than one because it is not possible to have one watch that would suit all different kinds of outfits.  Amazon definitely has some nice looking and affordable watches, same with different goth and mainstream online shops. Liked a few, added to wishlists and that word document where all different kind of things are saved to. But a few weeks ago I finally fell in love with a watch. Since I have placed a few orders at this particular webshop before, I knew I had to do it now or it might not be available ever again. Done and received my watch in its beautiful metal case within less than a week.

1604 watch gothic jewelry review etnox pentagram 1604 watch gothic jewelry pentagram review 1604 watch gothic jewelry etnox pentacle time

Now, this is something between a watch and jewelry! Pentacle Time by etNox.

I was extra excited to see it is by etNox, a company that I have a few jewelry items from already and so far haven’t had any bad experiences, nothing broke, no skin turning hulk-like green, no nothing! Guess this means a lot of happy nights with my new watch! The wristband is made from pleather. The clock-face is covered by a hinged metal piece with a huge pentagram and tiny triquetas, those celtic knots can also be found in a slightly bigger version on the wristband.  Even the amount of red in this is ok for me. As probably mentioned in some Outfit posts red is not a color one could find a lot of in my wardrobe but I can deal with their brands logo on the dial.

1604 watch gothic jewelry etnox pentacle times clasp

The only thing I do not like too much…

The only thing I am not happy about is the tiny buckle clasp thing, while trying to close it in the smallest spot that tiny bone (Or however one would call it correctly) did not stay in place but went through the buckle leaving me desperate for 5 minutes on how to get it out there again, how to open the wristband, how to get the watch off my wrist again! Eventually managed to get it off, now being a bit more careful while pulling it through so it won’t happen again. Maybe will have to ask some people if they can replace it with another clasp. Knowing my luck if I won’t I will one day not be able to get it off again before work.

How about you showing us your watches? Or do you have some other jewelry by etNox? Have a nice evening!