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Month: April, 2016

Random 16-04

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month (or since writing last random post) and would not fit into another post…

1604 random xray left hand skeleton 1604 random jade1901 absinthe superieure 1604 random couch velvet curtain ratplushie room decor home

So because of some more health stuff (aka pain) I got both my hands & feet on xray now!

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

list-bat-png What happened to Cremedelauren and Wolfgang? There often are bloggers that I like, follow and at some point they stop blogging, I usually wonder what happened, yes, curious and hoping everything is alright?
list-bat-png Wondering if I want to renew a magazine subscription of a magazine that I really enjoyed reading but since the latest issue was months late without any notice…?
list-bat-png Cancer strikes again, why is 2016 such a horrible year. I will miss you so very much, the texts that were filled with positivity even though we both had horrible moments. My friend, a part of my sparkling faerie dust cloud leaves with you. (& the cat who lived with my mom and Rolf already did follow you over the rainbow bridge, take good care of him!)
list-bat-png On search terms… What does someone expect when they google for ‘service armit piercing’?
list-bat-png I am happy neither my blog nor my real-world-job is about politics, those things here in Germany start to feel strange lately. Of course, like everybody else, I do have my political and social opinion but that’s one thing I keep to myself (except when talking to my friends.). Wondering why this question came to my mind? Do a little google for Bruno Kramm (Das Ich) and Berlin, April, 22nd 2016.

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

list-bat-png Stacy MagicLoveCrow got the bat plushie she won in my blogversary giveaway, see her post here
list-bat-png I’m goth but – Amazingly detailed post and thoughts, this post on Moone Dreams in Melting Wax is from February but definitely needed to be mentioned!
list-bat-png Exclusivity and Goth – Something I always like to read about, also love the discussions that come from topics like these, thanks to Living the strange life for writing this post!
list-bat-png Here is something that made me cry: Good bye Lip-Service, some thoughts by The mutant stomp friends blog on one of the brands that inspired so many darklings and now seems to have disappeared.

Most played songs this month: (WGT-playlist on repeat already!)

list-bat-png Krayenzeit – Krayenzeit
list-bat-png Lacrimosa – Stolzes Herz (Live)
list-bat-png Joachim Witt – Die Flut
list-bat-png Das Ich – Tot im Kopf
list-bat-png Aurelio Voltaire – Raised by Bats

What has been inspiring for you this April? Any plans for May? Have a nice evening!


Mobile: Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Hey there, Internet!

I only do one hour of social media each day (unless really bored or sick in bed while unable to sleep any longer) but that obviously is enough to see my friends post a tiny text about some app and get me interested. Happened with the lovely purple haired lady you might remember from her own blog a few years ago or mentioned in one of my Random posts in 2015.

1604 cthulhu virtual pet game1 1604 review mobile game app cthulhu virtual pet level0 1604 cthulhu virtual pet minigame2

Simple but cute graphics – and better play with sound on!

In Cthulhu, virtual pet you have to take care of your tiny Cthulhu, a virtual pet like the Tamagotchis probably everyone had back in the 90s. It wants you to feed it, clean or play some mini games with it, you have to switch off the lights when it gets tired and sometimes it wants to haunt a city or drown a ship with you and to take care of the witnesses, for those you can also change the names. Every level Cthulhu seems to change a bit – a level might take a few days to finish. And the background does change as well, day/night or ships appear randomly on screen.

1604 cthulhu virtual pet level3

See tiny cthulhu grow – wondering what the next level will look like!

The only thing I actually do not like is that you can’t choose the language you play the game in. I really prefer to have all games, apps, movies, whatever in english. But as seen on their facebook page they are working on it as well as on other things like different skins! When you are sick of the adverts that appear every other minute, it only is 0.99€ as ingame purchase and they are gone forever! Other than that it is a free to play game by Neurocreativa and definitely addicting, available for iPhone and for Android on google play as well. No matter if you are a Lovecraft fan or enjoyed the Tamagotchis or the 8bit greenish Gameboy games back in the days, this game could be fun to play!

Official description: The stars just came right and it’s your turn to wake up the great God from his eternal dream to resume his rule on earth. Since you were the one who invoke him, you have to take care of him as if he were a new born, until he gets bigger and stronger again. For that purpose you have to feed, entertain, clean, bath him and prevent him form getting angry because he’ll start to eat his witnesses. If none is left he´ll fall into the eternal dream one more time and you’ll have to wait for the stars to be right again to wake him up.

By the way, if you need some music to get in the right mood for this game, how about ‘Hey there Chthulhu by Eden Brooks‘?

Any nice apps you have tried lately? Have a nice evening!


Review: Rockin’ Bones Clothing!

Hey there, Internet!

As mentioned in one of my Random posts – I messed something up while online shopping. But let’s start at the beginning. I remember a few years ago when Rockin’ Bones were already posting on instagram, I loved their somewhat unique clothing with a bit of used / DIY look, in a good way. No idea why it took me so long until I placed my first order though. Their team consists of Robert and Kendra and Larry the supervisor kitty (who I am pretty sure is the one who reacts as fast to all contacts, mail or social media!)

1604 review rockinbones alternative gothic punk clothing graveyard devil bat skeleton

Shipping (standard) to Germany takes a bit longer (2-3 weeks, both time the tracking messed up in Chicago / would not update afterwards, blaming the delivery people though…) but both my orders arrived perfectly fine in the end. They offer free shipping on oders over 100$. As you can see I sticked to the dark grey and silver print, both are not too dominant in an outfit and can easily be combined, and both colors sparkle in sunlight!

1604 review rockinbones bat top screenprint dark grey gothic 1604 review rockinbones clothing gothic altenative bat shirt

Bat top. (32.95$) The thing I messed up, completely forgot to select a size so the order was done in standard XXS which definitely would not fit. As soon as I noticed I sent them a mail (as well as spamming twitter and their contact, sorry for that!) telling what sizes I actually wanted to chose and within shortest of time they said everything was fine and changed already, thanks for that! I learned my lesson, never go online shopping when you should be asleep. The straps can be bound a few different ways so you can change the way it looks easily!

1604 review rockinbonesclothing bat skeleton skirt

Bat skeleton skirt. (28.95$) Went for dark grey print as well. This was not available yet when I bought it but they accept special requests so you just buy the cut you want with a different print and tell them at the end what existing print you want to be done. For booty girls like me there often is the problem of mini skirts upriding (the reason why I wear some of my skirts only as crop-tops) but with these so far I didn’t have this problem – well, once when I wore it to a dancing night but that one was excessive.

1604 review rockinbones death and devil tarot shorts 1604 review rockinbones death and devil tarot shorts gothic clothing

Death & Devil Tarot shorts. (28.95$) I went with silver print (only on back side), regular waist. You can as well chose high waisted but for people who wear corsets on top of their clothing most of the times that would cause a lot of trouble visiting the bathroom. Another good thing I need to mention is that the fabric is strechy enough to not cut into my flesh (booty girl here, as mentioned!)

1604 review rockinbones gothic alternative punk clothing cemetery skirt 1601 ootd gothic rockinbones skirt cemetery pentagram velvet corset

Cemetery skirt. (28.95$) Again, dark grey print, I would love to see some of their gear in burnt orange though! And as mentioned earlier, no upriding and a beautiful shimmer in sunlight. Love that this print is not just a symbol but covers the entire fabric (except the waistband)

So yes, I can highly recommend them, and don’t forget to follow their social media or newsletter so you know about what is happening, retiring or new designs and everything else!

Do you have some Rockin’ Bones gear yet? Have a nice evening!


How to kill your nails, 5 easy steps.

Hey there, Internet!

This month feels quite strange, topic wise. Still this is something that kept coming up in my head every two weeks, maybe a bit more often, depending on working schedule. As some of you might know, besides this blog I work as geriatric nurse which, in Germany, does not allow any nailpolish and requires me to keep my nails round and short (max 2mm longer than my fingers). So the nailart fun only happens on my days off work, I still manage to break my nails regularly and can chip my polishes within a heartbeat or make other amazing things happen because when it comes to killing my nails I am an expert. (yes, this was a tad bit on the ironic side)

1604 how to kill your nails in 5 easy steps chipped polish desperate 1604 how to kill your nails in 5 easy steps horribly broken


Both pictures were taken the same day the polish had been applied.

So even though I try to add a bit of different shape to my nails as my days off are coming near the middle and index fingers usually are the first to break, split, commit suicide as soon as they reach 3mm length. Maybe they know I am not allowed to grow them this long, maybe they have other reasons (being my ‘working fingers’), whatever might be the case, they wont grow much longer. So here are some things you better would not do when you want to keep your nails long and healthy and when you want your manicure to last!

list-bat-png Work with disinfecting agents / sanitizer / gloves. PVC / latex or whatever gloves will keep the sweat around your skin and nails, staying in this humid surrounding will cause your nails and manicure to chip easily. disinfecting agents might not work as good as nail polish remover but in the end has the same effects. This also explains why the combination of both is extra harmful.

list-bat-png Garden work or building that new furniture item! You will hit something with your nails by accident in the process. Also, who does not like having a lot of soil sticking under their nails!

list-bat-png Cleaning your caves. This probably is a nice combination of the two things mentioned before. You wear gloves, sweat, maybe some cleaner will get into the gloves and the rubber stuff around will make it easier for your nails to absorb those. Or you will hit something with your nails by accident, getting perfectly fine chipped and broken nails.

list-bat-png Corset lacing. Of course, most of us prefer to have someone else do the lacing because it is easier and probably will look better in the end. When nobody else is available, we try to do it by ourselves. Trying to find the spot where we have to pull, pulling itself and adding that nice bow while still pulling the laces usually will require the use of your fingernails, of course, ending in broken nails! Extra points if you manage to break them high enough to bleed. (for non-corsetters: shoe laces!)

list-bat-png Bad eating habits! Food has as much impact on our nails as the nailcare (oils, creams, filing, hardeners,…) and sometimes, even good eating habits and a lot of water won’t be enough. Browsing the nutritional supplements might help in those days when your nails need some extra care! But be careful, sometimes your nails want to tell you when there is something big going wrong in your body, if it won’t get better even though you tried some things you might want to ask your doctor.

What are your tricks to keep your nails healthy and what are you doing to make your nailpolish stay on longer? Have a nice evening!


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