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Month: March, 2016

Review: Corruptor by Illamasqua!

Hey there, Internet!

Probably it is not a secret that I adore eye-makeup that look like the person is / was crying. be it simply smudged or with running tears. Illamasqua now released a product that immediately made it to my wishlist as soon as they announced it in one of their newsletters. Of course new products (like those liquid lipstick every company seems to release these days) are always exciting but something new that allows me to play with my makeup stash and favourite looks? Extra happy! Corruptor is 20GBP (30USD) and contains 3.5g (0.12OZ) of product. Best within 12 months after first use.

1603 illamasqua corruptor special effects gel packaging 1603 illamasqua corruptor special effects gel packaging opened cube 1603 illamasqua corruptor beauty product review special effects gel

Black, magical cube arrived!

list-bat-png Illamasqua introduces this magical black cube (in the inscription of the cube) as: Corruptor – Know the rules / break the rules. Our professional and theatrical heritage has always beeen at the heart of our product development, whether it is through our breakthrough innovations or highly pigmented products. Corruptor is our first product specifically designed to meet the creative needs of make-up professionals, while also being a tool that pushes boundaries and tests make up capabilities. Peaople fear an ‘organic’ messy look, as it feels strange to do and goes against conventional make up techniques.

They also have an easy step by step guide on their website to try the Corruptor with. Along with a text that once more states that Illamasqua does not care (much) about trends, instead they support the special features of everyone, what common beauty companies and papers might see as flaws, they show that it actually is beautiful to be different instead of ‘perfect’. Thanks for supporting and inspiring different (thinking) people instead of pushing everyone into boundaries and thank you for staying cruelty free while doing so!

1603 illamasqua corruptor special effects gel makeup cruelty free review goth tears

yes, this is not the 600×600 pix format I usually use for my pictures, this and the review probably prove how much I love that product!

list-bat-png My thoughts: So when it arrived in the black box with the black paper stuffing and the black shiny corruptor cube looked at me (yes, shopping at Illamasqua, packaging wise probably is something every tiny makeup addicted goth will adore…) it felt like some ancient, magical cube found its way into my cave. The ‘for professional use only’ written all over it added a bit of forbidden excitement as well – what if I just want to play with it?! Anyways, the cube was opened carefully, the Corruptor was opened. A clear gel, no scent no nothing. To me that is something good, there only are a few scents that I like to be surrounded with so neutral scents I like.

Over the past 17 years I probably have tried everything I could find for that perfect tear-makeup, things that were designed to be used for eyes or as makeup as well as pure water, oils and various things that probably are not even supposed to get close to ones eyes. So since the Corruptor should be used after the products you want to smear I did some kind of simple, black / white smokey eye with winged eyeliner, falsies and everything. Afterwards took one of my thinner, pointy brushes and started adding the gel, rubbed it a bit to get the color moving and drew the running tears. Seriously, this was one of the easiest things I could think of. Was quite happy with the result so for that day I left it that way, no extra product added afterwards. There will be a lot of fun times to work with it though, I am sure some glittery-whatever-color or silver would go perfectly fine with the black tears. Or maybe applied like the mossy eyemakeup from last time? Or maybe with reds for a bloody look or rosey flesh to look like scars? Guess what, excited and 100% happy with this purchase!

1603 ootd gothic fledermausbrille illamasqua sleek 1603 illamasqua the corruptor cruelty free makeup review special effects gel gothic tears crying 1603 review illamasqua cruelty free special effects gel corruptor gothic tears

left: before (taken from last outfit post), center & right: with Corruptor.

So I am sorry, dear Corruptor, you will not survive for 12 months in my hands, you are a magical weapon and will be used. A lot.

Have you tried it yet? Have a nice evening!

Want more Illamasqua product reviews? Did one about their lipsticks & glosses early last year (Even before I got my camera… Sorry for those pictures! And sadly as well their loyal customer discount has stopped.)


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-03

Hey there, Internet!

Saturday, March, 3rd. On my way to Essen for the Melting Sounds Festival (Vol. II) at my beloved Zeche Carl. No matter when the last partynight was there it always feels like it was too long. This time I am not yet sure if I want to go by car or by train (from my moms place) but at least clothing and makeup are done already!

1603 ootd gothic corset restyle deathhawk orangehair blackmilkcrossofstpeter

Just noticed these leggings got worn a lot lately!

1601 ootd gothic spider brooch 1603 ootd gothic crossofstpeter leggings blackmilkclothing 1603 regalrose hairspikes green dipdye

What I’m wearing

New restyle corset! Although I am wishing that they one day will sell plain black ones in the same cut that they sell the skeleton printed ones!

Corset: Restyle
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing (Cross of St. Peter Black)
Jacket: Jawbreaker
Skirt: Red Queen Black Legion
Of course paired with a bunch of random distressed tights and jewelry. The new glasses from Fledermausbrille and hairspikes by Regalrose that I had to get for myself after I saw them on this lovely blog.

1603 ootd fotd gothic makeup illamasqua bibelot piercings 1603 ootd gothic fledermausbrille illamasqua sleek 1603 ootd notd nailart crackle claw witch


Well that WAS the makeup. Then I was too curious and had to try the Corruptor (Illamasqua) that just arrived at my door. And now I am in love with this slimy gel thing, you will get a detailed review with the next post! Sadly the lashes I ordered with the gel were too tiny for my eyes. But I cut them in half and somehow like the result!

Lips: Illamasqua (Vintage Metallix Bibelot)
Cheeks: Sleek (Blush by 3 in Pumpkin, P-Pie)
Eyes: Stargazer (Black Liquid Eyeliner), Illamasqua (Precision Gel Eyeliner, Intoxicate Lashes, cut in half), Sleek (entire top row of the bad girl palette), Alverde (Nothing but volume mascara)
Nails: Stargazer (501, 129, 306), Barry M (311 Nail Effects 242, black crackle), Essence (nail art glow in the dark top coat)

Any weekend plans on your side of the screen? Have a nice evening!

And on a sidenote: the giveaway has ended, winner has been contacted. Thanks to everyone who entered, next one probably will be around Halloween!



The case of the missing bat glasses…

Hey there, Internet!

I think I sent you a warning so yes, here is a story for you, the case of the missing bat glasses

1603 bat shaped prescription glasses fledermausbrille gothic accessories

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away there was a magician bat who was able to make blind bats see again with his amazingly beautiful glasses. But since his magic cauldron is located a few days flight away from many cities in that kingdom, some bats will have to order and receive with the huge golden delivery dragons you might have heard of before. Those do charge nearly 12 thalers for taking something from one corner of the kingdom to the other. For that much of money though they promise they would arrive over night and the little something would be insured with up to 500 thalers. You never know with those evil creatures that lure in the shadows of the woodlands so that probably makes the 12 thalers worth it.

So a small bat that ordered a few of those magical glasses before asked the dragons to deliver one of her old pairs to the magician so he could do a touchup, to make them all shiny again. They were talking to each other with those modern crystal cubes, the small bat also wanted another pair because well, female bats need accessories that would go with different styles.

While talking about the new pair, about three weeks after the glasses should have arrived at the magicians laboratory the small bat asked about her old pair of glasses and the answer put her in shock pretty much, they never arrived. While panicking what might have happened to them that made them disappear for such a long time she tried to contact the crystal cube of the delivery dragons. Their reports said the glasses would have been delivered. The name on the papers was similar to the magicians, maybe the dragon who should have delivered the glasses was attacked and the package was stolen, maybe the robbers then signed with their bad handwriting trying to sign as the magician to not make it as obvious and to be able to flee? Maybe their bad handwriting was caused by them being blind bats as well and they needed the glasses? Whatever, the time when the report said it would have been delivered was during the magicians working hours. Neither he nor his helping bats ever saw the package so it definitely was missing.

The dragons did open a case, but the magician, brave as he was, as well went looking through the woodlands, after searching for hours he found a cabin of someone who actually had a name, similar to his own, written next to the entrance. He rang the door, the person inside then handed the magician the package with the glasses, opened. Of course opened, his name was written next to the magicians name in the receipient corner of the package. He also ate one of the misfortune cookies because he at first thought it was a secret santa package (in the cold month of February… sometimes the delivery dragons are really late…) The small bat sent two of those cookies to the magician along with the glasses, not to hurt him, thats what bats do in this kindgom, sending tiny, funny things with packages. The misfortune cookie probably gave the stranger some stomach pain so he would not dare to go out into the woodlands by himself, looking for the magicians laboratory, noone would if he was injured, I told you in the beginning of the evil creatures hiding in there.

Anyways, the magician flew back to the labs, told the small bat that he found the parcel and what happened. Obviously the delivery dragon did not find the magicians laboratory or was too lazy or too scared to go there so he tried to copy the bats writing style and wrote down another name so the other person in the woodlands would take the parcel. The glasses were not broken, only the packaging was opened and one of the misfortune cookies had been opened / eaten.

So while the bat made another angry call to the delivery dragons (and well, their crystal cube charges quite some thalers if you call them!) the magician started working on the new and the old glasses. In the end the dragons were really sorry and would take a closer look at the dragon who did this, as well as paying back money to the small bat, the money would arrive within three weeks as well, with the slower but obviously much more reliable travelling money goblins. When looking at the time the package took to arrive at its destination it still could be considered express money delivery.

The old, repaired pair and the new glasses arrived within a day of delivery at the small bats cave though, she is very happy with both of them! The small bat, like so many others before, stayed addicted to those glasses (happily) ever after…

1603 batmagician drawing comic art fledermausbrille

Do you also have a pair of those magic glasses? If not you might want to travel to this years Wave Gotik Treffen, the magician bat (Fledermausbrille) will be there!

And when you are interested in reviews of my glasses by Fledermausbrille, take a look here or here! Have a nice evening!



Bodymods and Self Destruction?

Hey there, Internet!

On a serious thought, does anyone else feel the desire to get a new piercing or bodymod in general when they are in some kind of bad mood? When I look back at the different amounts of piercings I’ve had over the past years (talking about 12 years with my belly button being the first piercing for me and years when I had up to 21 piercings, see recent piercing post) usually the decision for something new was made when I was not feeling too well.

1603 piercing jewelry self destruction discussion

Happy so far I didn’t regret them afterwards, not even the forever-under-construction Pokémon sleeve tattoo, as annoying as this sometimes gets. Of course, been eye-ing particular bodymods for a while before getting them, but talking about that ‘NOW!’ moment in the end, right before heading to the studio. And yes, so far they always somehow did help to feel better.

That did remind me of some topic we were talking about during my apprenticeship, coping strategies, how different people react when something happens in their lives, how they process tragedies, stress in general. Some do think about it, learn from it, include the new knowledge / experience into their lives, into the way they will behave. Some others might try to ignore or to cover their inner struggles. Some break or turn those moments into some kind of (self-) destructing behaviour or thoughts.

Which actually feels strange to me, is this (Bodymods) some kind of self destructing behaviour / self harm that makes us feel better because of the pain? Or do we simply enjoy the changes with our body? On the other hand, there are a lot of different things we could talk about here that might, same as the bodymods feel ok, be ok to some, be bad to others. (Just think about when was the last time you were in a bad mood and because of that mood you went shopping, or did some extra hours of sports or maybe bought some sugary treat you would not have bought if it was a nice day for you? Or how about that new book you just added to your ever growing to-read-pile?)

So, if this really was some kind of coping strategy, would it be a good one or a bad one? I mean, when someone does feel better for a long time, it can’t be a bad thing? But what when you start to regret getting them done? Sure, piercings can easily be removed, will turn into tiny, nearly invisible scars and other bodymods would be more expensive so people think about them a bit more – I hope.

Or is all of the bad mood thing something we make up as excuses, to treaten our addictions? Because a lot of the things, not just the point of feeling better, happiness, that one might enjoy with piercings / tattoos / scars / whatever bodymod could as well be found in every article about addictons and their bakgrounds. The subculture, people with same interest, community, attention. If this is the case I hope, despite how beautiful they are, that noone of us reaches that point when you can only feel good WHEN you get a new one done because that definitely is something bad, no matter what addiction or semi-addiction we have, that would be the point when they are not good anymore.

What do you think? Have a nice evening!


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