My Cave, Finished Hallway!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Yes, it took much longer than I expected and it is not the kitchen that is the first room in my flat that I consider to be completely finished. But 15 months after I moved in with a handful of furniture items, my decoration stuff and clothing (Not going to talk about why I left my stuff behind in this post, believe me, I had my reasons so I had to start from the beginning) Of course starting from nowhere is expensive and will take some time but it also means that you are somehow free, nothing that won’t fit in because you can carefully chose each item.

1603 mycave hallway flyingbat flat homedecor gothic 1603 mycave gothic homedecor lilly flower 1603 mycave gothic homedecor ghost candles

flying bat, plastic candles and some lillies in a grave vase…

My hallway probably is one of the smallest, nearly square sized, rooms one could think of, 5 doors and huge built in cupboards covering the wall towards the kitchen. Those in the beginning looked somehow horrible to me but they have enough storeage space for everything that would not fit into some other room and I was able to fit everything in there that I would have put into my cellar room otherwise. Since there is nearly no daylight in there, ever, I would not be able to grow a plant here, plastic ivy it would be though.

1603 mycave gothic flat homedecor black glitter rug 1603 mycave wardrobe bats gothic homedecor flat 1603 mycave gothic flat homedecor spiderweb crow frontdoor diy

Would not be my flat if there was a lack of glitter!

Since I don’t like all white walls (geriatric nurse, plain white and vanilla yellow walls remind me of my job, sorry but big no!) I went with a light grey. Black was an option but since I definitely won’t live in this flat for too long (hopefully) I would have to paint them white afterwards and that would be a pain so I will save that for a place that will be a home for long. The huge frame was one of the things that I kept from my previous flat. The painting inside was done in one night (see post here). The painting on the center cupboard can also be found here. Everything left to do was some online shopping for the plastic plants, grave vase, lamp and some other decoration that was missing and a trip to Ikea for the table / shelf next to the door. I don’t say that it won’t change anymore or nothing will be added but right now to me it looks and feels good.

1603 mycave gothic homedecor flat hallway chandelier pentagram 1603 mycave gothic flat homedecor ivy spiderweb shawl glitter 1603 mycave gothic homedecor angel of death diy painting ivy bat chandelier pentagram

And as said, no sunlight requires plastic plants!

What do you think? Anyone else currently working on their caves these days? Have a nice evening!