Review: Corruptor by Illamasqua!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Probably it is not a secret that I adore eye-makeup that look like the person is / was crying. be it simply smudged or with running tears. Illamasqua now released a product that immediately made it to my wishlist as soon as they announced it in one of their newsletters. Of course new products (like those liquid lipstick every company seems to release these days) are always exciting but something new that allows me to play with my makeup stash and favourite looks? Extra happy! Corruptor is 20GBP (30USD) and contains 3.5g (0.12OZ) of product. Best within 12 months after first use.

1603 illamasqua corruptor special effects gel packaging 1603 illamasqua corruptor special effects gel packaging opened cube 1603 illamasqua corruptor beauty product review special effects gel

Black, magical cube arrived!

list-bat-png Illamasqua introduces this magical black cube (in the inscription of the cube) as: Corruptor – Know the rules / break the rules. Our professional and theatrical heritage has always beeen at the heart of our product development, whether it is through our breakthrough innovations or highly pigmented products. Corruptor is our first product specifically designed to meet the creative needs of make-up professionals, while also being a tool that pushes boundaries and tests make up capabilities. Peaople fear an ‘organic’ messy look, as it feels strange to do and goes against conventional make up techniques.

They also have an easy step by step guide on their website to try the Corruptor with. Along with a text that once more states that Illamasqua does not care (much) about trends, instead they support the special features of everyone, what common beauty companies and papers might see as flaws, they show that it actually is beautiful to be different instead of ‘perfect’. Thanks for supporting and inspiring different (thinking) people instead of pushing everyone into boundaries and thank you for staying cruelty free while doing so!

1603 illamasqua corruptor special effects gel makeup cruelty free review goth tears

yes, this is not the 600×600 pix format I usually use for my pictures, this and the review probably prove how much I love that product!

list-bat-png My thoughts: So when it arrived in the black box with the black paper stuffing and the black shiny corruptor cube looked at me (yes, shopping at Illamasqua, packaging wise probably is something every tiny makeup addicted goth will adore…) it felt like some ancient, magical cube found its way into my cave. The ‘for professional use only’ written all over it added a bit of forbidden excitement as well – what if I just want to play with it?! Anyways, the cube was opened carefully, the Corruptor was opened. A clear gel, no scent no nothing. To me that is something good, there only are a few scents that I like to be surrounded with so neutral scents I like.

Over the past 17 years I probably have tried everything I could find for that perfect tear-makeup, things that were designed to be used for eyes or as makeup as well as pure water, oils and various things that probably are not even supposed to get close to ones eyes. So since the Corruptor should be used after the products you want to smear I did some kind of simple, black / white smokey eye with winged eyeliner, falsies and everything. Afterwards took one of my thinner, pointy brushes and started adding the gel, rubbed it a bit to get the color moving and drew the running tears. Seriously, this was one of the easiest things I could think of. Was quite happy with the result so for that day I left it that way, no extra product added afterwards. There will be a lot of fun times to work with it though, I am sure some glittery-whatever-color or silver would go perfectly fine with the black tears. Or maybe applied like the mossy eyemakeup from last time? Or maybe with reds for a bloody look or rosey flesh to look like scars? Guess what, excited and 100% happy with this purchase!

1603 ootd gothic fledermausbrille illamasqua sleek 1603 illamasqua the corruptor cruelty free makeup review special effects gel gothic tears crying 1603 review illamasqua cruelty free special effects gel corruptor gothic tears

left: before (taken from last outfit post), center & right: with Corruptor.

So I am sorry, dear Corruptor, you will not survive for 12 months in my hands, you are a magical weapon and will be used. A lot.

Have you tried it yet? Have a nice evening!

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