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Month: March, 2016

Random 16-03

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month (or since writing last random post) and would not fit into another post…

1603 drawing sketch fanart noelpix 1603 gothic stomping boots used wornout 1603 gothic jewelry silver belt macro detail

Quite B/W this month! And a lot of sketches were done…

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

list-bat-png March, 5th = Absinthe day? Need to save in calendar for next year!
list-bat-png Amphi festival will be back at Tanzbrunnen instead of Lanxess Arena, I think it is some good news. A lot of people said they preferred the old location, some though were happy with the indoor stage the new location had… Sadly my holiday schedule is already handed in but maybe I can go there for one day?
list-bat-png The Rogue and The Wolf just launched their SS16 collection, The Okkultist! Lots of new pretty 3D-printed pieces in good quality (see review post). The days after this point was written my inbox was flooded with other companies that released their new collections, yay spring, yay spending money we don’t have!
list-bat-png Moments of happiness, sometimes are caused by the tiniest things (see me walking through my tiny hallway, I always pause for a second and start smiling!)
list-bat-png Caffeine Addiction! Had to spend the Sunday after the Eisbrecher concert without any coffee (coffee pot broke and my machine refuses to work without it) or energy drink (last one was used while driving back home AND pocket coffee sweets were also empty.) Bad time and supply management but I was a bit shocked how much my body and brain were in need of caffeine. Still managed to survive without heading to the gas station to buy the horribly expensive ones)
list-bat-png Why do people claim other peoples art / work to be their own and even are sticking to their words when proven wrong?

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

list-bat-png Goth Isn’t About Race – THIS! I will never be able to understand why anone thinks he / she has the right to say someone is not allowed to be (like / do / whatever) for any stupid reason.
list-bat-png Trigger for every book addict, Cookie shared pictures of her beautiful decorated and perfectly well stocked bookshelves (and some other nice things that are written in German though) in her post: Life in a Week No 3/16
list-bat-png Faderhead in one of his latest newsletters was talking about social media and taking a break from them for a few days. If you have a few seconds I can highly recommend to subscribe to his weekly newsletter! (you can do that on his website / blog thingie!) For anyone wondering, I am very much pro social media limit (mine is 1hr / day) and a few days off sometimes as well…

Most played songs this month:

list-bat-png Jesus on Extasy – Beloved Enemy
list-bat-png Poison Black – Exciter
list-bat-png Eisbrecher – Heilig
list-bat-png Covenant – Dead Stars (Radio Version)
list-bat-png Joy Division – Isolation

Plans for the next month:

list-bat-png Batfit: 30 min yoga each day plus 2 days workout, 1 day off seems to work just fine! As for food / drink it seems I found a routine that works for me as well!
list-bat-png Bodymods: Since I passed on them in March, Lobes! Need some space for silver jewelry before the ear pointing will happen… (Even if that won’t happen before 2017)
list-bat-png Cave: Continue working on kitchen and bathroom as well as the hunt for some makeup & accessorie storage! Oh and plants!
list-bat-png Events: A friend of mine will celebrate his 30th bday and I guess that means a party weekend that should maybe be enough for the month already, some lazy evenings before wgt in may would actually be nice!
list-bat-png Blog: I finally want to get back on schedule and catch up on all your comments!

What has been inspiring for you this March? Any plans for April? Have a nice evening!


Concerts and concerns…

Hey there, Internet!

When I decided to be less of a couch potato this year (not because of laziness but because of the home renovation stuff and working overhours and so on, no more excuses, bats need to flap their wings!) I thought it simply would bring some fun evenings with nice music and maybe meeting some lovely people I haven’t met before! Now three months have passed and so far I really followed that resolution, had amazing party nights even when all my friends decided to stick to their couches, met lovely people and had fun at some concerts! Hoping the year will continue this way (freetime wise, not the working overhours thing). But where there is light there must be shadow.

1603 gothic flyers festivals party locations germany

Going out obviously equals collecting flyers for festivals and party locations, some definitely are on my to-do (see / go to / …?) list now!

Why on earth do men (or people) feel the need to apologize before talking to someone / saying something nice? While standing alone, not talking to anyone, only thinking about weather to purchase a new shirt or if the stash of shirts I have at home, waiting to be altered are enough already… Some random stranger came up to me, apologized, said he did not want to hit on me but wanted to tell me that he liked my glasses. Thank you, that was kind but kept me wondering what happened to that person that he feels the need to apologize and to explain himself before saying something like this! There were a lot of similar moments and so I wonder if usually people start bitching after receiving nice words? Why not just smile, say thanks and THEN see if that person wanted someting else than saying something nice? Why is it that we always expect something bad to happen and therefor react in a horrible manner so that people will probably not compliment another person again soon? This coming from someone who also quite often walks up to people telling them if I like something they do or something in their looks. So far people reacted confused or started smiling or blushing. What would I do if they would make fun of me or react in some other ‘not so kind’ manner? Is it these days that we focus too much on the bad things and forget that maybe someone really just wants to make you smile? If you are wondering why maybe you should actually start to tell people something nice – you can have some nice chat afterwards, maybe make new friends! And even if it only is a smile and a thank you – what if that person had a horrible day and a ‘Hey I like your whatever’ would make their world feel so much better!

Enough negativy though! I need to tell you how amazing the concerts and events were this year!

The Faderhead show at Empire of Darkness at Matrix, Bochum was the first non-festival-show I have seen by him. Wondering why, so far I have been impressed by the energy and this time it was nothing less and I now will have to follow the newsletter and dates better so it won’t be years until the next time! Especially since he said the future shows will contain more of the ‘slower’ (or however one would describe the songs he mentioned) stuff which actually always were the songs I liked best on his albums! That night also recovered my bad experiences at previous EOD-parties at Matrix which made me avoid that location for maybe a few years, sorry for that! A party that managed to stay alive for 16 years already should be enough proof that it actually is a good one and I only had bad luck!

Melting Sounds Festival II at Zeche Carl was nice, I met a lot of nice people (‘new & old’) and even though I did not know any band before it was good and I definitely will have to take a closer look at Splendor, really liked their show! Wasn’t as much of a dancing night as with usual Nachttanz party nights (ugh, anyone can help, I know there was another goth party night happening there before Nachttanz, since EOD just turned 3 but I can’t remember the name!) Wish I would have had the guts to get a Gotikatur since that guy does amazing art and since he set up his desk for some live drawing this would have been some fun memory! Next time though!

Eisbrecher! Yes. Perfect show as always, Alex definitely is as much of an entertainer as Steve Naghavi (And One), I could spend hours just watching them and this time it seemed like Noel Pix as well was playing with the audience a lot more than usually! But they also made me feel old quite a bit with references to their early days and tapes. I still remember tiny me sitting in front of the TV, singing along the german Pokémon songs (Confused? Take a closer listen to the voices! Did not know whose voices I was listening to back then but love it even more now that I do know) and the days when Alex and Pix were members of Megaherz or the Unheilig & friends concert in Köln (Cologne) a few years ago where I only went to see them… Over the years though they only got better and I doubt there could ever be too many shows by them in a year so I’m looking forwards to Mera Luna this year! Oh and congrats on gold, well deserved!

How did you spend 2016 so far? Have a nice evening!


Seeds and new plants!

Hey there, Internet!

I may or may not have told you already about the horror my plants went through early this year. Literally overnight a lot of them were covered with some bugs that, of course, managed to kill a lot of them (oh the joy of living downstairs, not.) and at the same time most of the other plants dropped all of their leaves, started to look like they were made from gummy, probably mourning their siblings. I tried to save them desperately, clicked like crazy through the internet. Sadly I only was able to save a handful of plants. Still mourning my ‘kids’ I realized that it at least happened just before springtime and so I could grow some new ones again. Since I actually have plans for every tiny spot on my balcony and kitchen window (bedroom only has a tiny bit of open window because working nightshift means sleeping daytimes and hence requires some darkness.

1603 nature plant cactus old man of the mountain orocereus celsanius

Orocereus celsanius / Old man of the mountain before moving into a slightly bigger pot.

The bit of bedroom window that offers daylight though gets a lot of sun, that place was reserved for a Oreocereus celsianus (cactus, old man of the mountain) This guy usually survives winter times outdoors as well so maybe when he is big enough he will move to the balcony but for now, welcome to my flat, old man!

1603 seeds nature plants jiaogulan gyonostemma pentaphyllum

Brave Gyonostemma Pentaphyllum, this is what grew within maybe a week!

My kitchen window usually offers only a bit of sunlight, in summer it was good enough for a lot of herbs but in autumn I had to move them to a spot with more sunlight. To me my herbs are the main reason why I love growing plants. Nothing can beat the feeling of having your own collection of herbs, for cooking, teas, creating delicious smelling stuff (oh the essential oils and incenses) and simply to look at. The Gyonostemma Pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan) actually seems as if it survived the bugs and mysterious gummy movement of my plants (had to cut most of it though) that plant grows faster than the speed of light and seems to enjoy the darker spot in my kitchen window! Allium Ursinum (Ramson) has been planted from seeds this march, it grows in local woods and is said to also need less light or heat! I also am still hoping the Levisticum Officinale (Lovage) survived, that it will grow again after the big cut, usually was happy in my kitchen window as well.

1603 springtime seeds urban gardening

Tiny sprouts, I hope you guys will like your new home!

The tiny indoor greenhouse was filled with some seeds as well, has spot for 15 plants and since I like to try a bit which fertilizer and how much water works best I decided for 5 plants, 3 spots for each: Rumex sanguineus ssp. San. (bloody dock)- Rosmarinus Officinalis (rosemary) – lavendula latifolia (broadleafed lavender) – Mandragora off. V. Autumnalis (mandrake) – artemisia absinthium (wormwood), some seem to be growing happy already, some not so much, even though I did a bit of research on all of them, especially those that I have never grown from seeds before, maybe I need to try again next month with those that are still a bit shy!

Any herb parents amongst my readers? What are your plant plans for 2016? Have a nice evening!


My Cave, Finished Hallway!

Hey there, Internet!

Yes, it took much longer than I expected and it is not the kitchen that is the first room in my flat that I consider to be completely finished. But 15 months after I moved in with a handful of furniture items, my decoration stuff and clothing (Not going to talk about why I left my stuff behind in this post, believe me, I had my reasons so I had to start from the beginning) Of course starting from nowhere is expensive and will take some time but it also means that you are somehow free, nothing that won’t fit in because you can carefully chose each item.

1603 mycave hallway flyingbat flat homedecor gothic 1603 mycave gothic homedecor lilly flower 1603 mycave gothic homedecor ghost candles

flying bat, plastic candles and some lillies in a grave vase…

My hallway probably is one of the smallest, nearly square sized, rooms one could think of, 5 doors and huge built in cupboards covering the wall towards the kitchen. Those in the beginning looked somehow horrible to me but they have enough storeage space for everything that would not fit into some other room and I was able to fit everything in there that I would have put into my cellar room otherwise. Since there is nearly no daylight in there, ever, I would not be able to grow a plant here, plastic ivy it would be though.

1603 mycave gothic flat homedecor black glitter rug 1603 mycave wardrobe bats gothic homedecor flat 1603 mycave gothic flat homedecor spiderweb crow frontdoor diy

Would not be my flat if there was a lack of glitter!

Since I don’t like all white walls (geriatric nurse, plain white and vanilla yellow walls remind me of my job, sorry but big no!) I went with a light grey. Black was an option but since I definitely won’t live in this flat for too long (hopefully) I would have to paint them white afterwards and that would be a pain so I will save that for a place that will be a home for long. The huge frame was one of the things that I kept from my previous flat. The painting inside was done in one night (see post here). The painting on the center cupboard can also be found here. Everything left to do was some online shopping for the plastic plants, grave vase, lamp and some other decoration that was missing and a trip to Ikea for the table / shelf next to the door. I don’t say that it won’t change anymore or nothing will be added but right now to me it looks and feels good.

1603 mycave gothic homedecor flat hallway chandelier pentagram 1603 mycave gothic flat homedecor ivy spiderweb shawl glitter 1603 mycave gothic homedecor angel of death diy painting ivy bat chandelier pentagram

And as said, no sunlight requires plastic plants!

What do you think? Anyone else currently working on their caves these days? Have a nice evening!


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