Blogversary & Giveaway!

by Schnauzevoll

Entries are closed and winner has been randomly selected by Rafflecopter! Congrats to the winner and thanks to everyone who entered, if you did not win this time don’t worry, probably will host another one for Halloween 2016!

Hey there, Internet!

I actually can’t believe it was February, 27th 2015 that I returned to the blogosphere. Let’s say after a totally messed up year in real life it was time to start from the beginning instead of my old blogspot-blog that I missed so much while I was away! So, with a vague idea of what I wanted to do I sat down, working on the layout and my first wordpress post which was probably the most difficult one I ever wrote. (New year, new here!)

Anyways, after a while blogging felt normal again, and within a single year I have met so many amazing people, some even became close friends already. You guys mean a lot to me and all of your own blogs, youtube chanels, instagram or twitter things are pretty much inspiring. Thank you for being the way you are!

1602 blogversary bat celebrating

So. on to the giveaway!

Last time (with the Halloween 2015 giveaway) I really messed up the coding, but I learned afterwards that WordPress simply does not like the kind of codes / java that would be required to add the rafflecopter script right into the site so at the bottom of this post you will find the link…

Rules to enter:

list-bat-png Join the rafflecopter giveaway thing / link at the bottom of this post, please read all of the rules though (of course, sharing or following would be nice but knowing the unfollow button exists what can I do… Still, following at twitter gives an additional ticket) * rafflecopter saves your name and email adress and when the giveaway is closed I can push a button and it will select the winner randomly.
list-bat-png By entering this giveaway you confirm that you are an adult / allowed to enter giveaways, will be able to tell me your name and adress afterwards.
list-bat-png I am not responsible for any grammar mistakes in the description or missunderstandings of the things included in the package. I also am not responsible for any allergies, reactions, damages on people by the package or on things in the package or money charged by customs or whatever there might be – also please check before if importing any of these products would get you in trouble. And yes, I pay for the content of the giveaway, this is not sponsored, I am just sharing my love for those furry bats with you and yes, asked the people at BCI if they were ok with me doing it as a price for the giveaway!

This giveaway is open until 2016, March, 12th at 12:00am Berlin time, open worldwide.

Stuff you will win:

list-bat-png Adopt-a-bat at Bat Conservation International – Adopt-a-bat, according to their website / see link / consists of: A plush stuffed bat-toy, official adoption certificate, Complete species profile information for the bat of your choice, the money spent will help the BCI to preserve and protect bats around the world so you get a treat while helping bats ❤

So, here’s the link to the giveaway!

Thank you for reading, sharing, and entering! Have a nice evening!