Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-02 (II)

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Well I guess one can easily tell from my eyes (and my internet absence lately) that I had some cold & migraine stuff going on, so even on my days off my hair stayed unteazed, no corsets were worn, simply threw on some clothes that I would be able to take a nap in wherever I would sit. Good news though: February is nearly over, spring weather will be here soon and so will be the energy, hoping all of you will be able to enjoy the warmer days!

1602 ootd gothic lazy blackmilkclothing stpetercross heavyred dress fullbody

And happy I lost some weight already, (see articles on Batfit) So at least the Blackmilk leggings in medium fit perfectly fine again (even though most of mine are small, will get back there some day this year I hope)

ootd 1602 heavyred blackmilkclothing stpeterblack goth 1602 ootd goth alternative hairstyle sidecut stargazer orange green dipdye ombre restyle ouija 1602 ootd gothic rockrebel therogueandthewolf accessories

What I’m wearing

As mentioned, no corset, simply cozy clothes to take a nap or two in…

Dress: Heavyred
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing (Cross of St. Peter black)
Accessories and stuff: As usually mainly random, Hairclip from Restyle, Necklaces from The rogue and the wolf & Rock Rebel

1602 ootd goth mossy alternative illamasqua piercings 1602 ootd fotd gothic mossy nature makeup illamasqua stargazer jeffreestar 1602 ootd nailart crackle barrym 311naileffects242 stargazer232chrome goth


Looking forwards to next month because I need to try how much Illamasqua’s Corruptor will help with messy eyelooks! (Or in this case mossy)

Nails: Stargazer (Chrome 232), BarryM (311 Nail Effects 242 black crackling)
Lips: Jeffree Star (Velour Liquid Lipstick Posh Spice), Illamasqua (Bibelot)
Eyes: Illamasqua (Bibelot, Draco, Berber), Stargazer (Eyedust 020, Black Kohl Eyeliner), Alverde (Nothing but volume mascara)

Anyone tried Illamasqua’s Corruptor yet? Is it as much fun as it sounds like? Have a nice evening!