3D-Printed Jewelry? The Rogue and the Wolf haul!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Good news: I finally found a company that sells rings tiny enough for my pinky. While I still am planning a tattoo for this usually naked little thing obviously ringsize US3 (also known as 14.1mm diameter) does fit. Tiny. Of course there was more shopping involved, so here is a tiny The Rogue and the Wolf haul!

1602 review gothic 3d printed jewelry therogueandthewolf moonrise catskull bisonskullbones lupus hunt 1602 ootd rings catskull rogue and the wolf black goth 1602 review detail 3d printed jewelry therogueandthewolf rings necklace moon skull goth

Take a look at all the amazing details! (wearing pic in the center was from latest outfit post)

The Rogue and the Wolf lately can be found on a lot of the social media accounts that I follow and being someone who is planning on getting their ear pointed their model pictures of course are really appealing and stuck to my head! Yes, that’s not what jewelry should be about but something to make me happy while browsing their collections of beautiful witchy pieces. Anyways, they are a UK based company that started in 2012 with an etsy shop and since then seem to magically spread across the internet!

I also have to admitt that I fancy those companies that make their website / selling spots part of their art so the fact that everything is referring to magic and that they seem to care for the community of their customers makes me happy, we can earn spell points and admire everyone’s styles on various social media accounts or the public webshop customer accounts! And well, I think this is the first company that I have ever noticed saying they are cruelty free. Had to giggle on the idea of kittens wearing their jewelry but I guess they were talking about the skulls?

So, their collections (Currently LUNAE, The Witch’s Hawk and Fair|Feral) include different skull or symbol rings and chokers / necklaces and they also have some 3D-printed taxidermy to accessorize your home with or how about a Hexe (German for witch) snapback  cap that probably is just perfect for bad hair days? Items are available in different materials (as in slate / old steel, silver, black / white polyamide) with tiny to high end prices depending on the design and material you chose! A friend of mine was so impressed by the simple black polyamide stuff I bought this time, that she now is trying to convince her significant other for their sterling pieces as wedding rings!

These are the things I bought on my first but definitely not last order at the Rogue and the Wolf. All of these were in matte black polyamide.

Moonrise Necklace – This one got me impressed with the quality already, would not have thought polyamide clasps would work for necklaces but they seem to not break easy! A piece that will look great by itself or in combination with other necklaces and on all different kind of outfits.
Bison Skull and Bones Ring – This is the secong piece I tried on and that convinced me by their quality – my fingers seem to be a strange size so I put it on a finger that it barely went on and was even more difficult to get off, still did not break while pulling! And the horns also survived some moments when it got caught up in clothing and hair…
Cat Skull Ring -I wish I would have ordered this in a different material because it is beautiful but the amazing details probably would be more obvious in another color. Still, when worn with some wooden or silver rings this looks super pretty!
Lupus Midi Ring – Ordered in US4, is a tiny bit too big for my pinkies but I wanted to try those two sizes to see which one would work better, still a beautiful ring that would create a perfect frame for those finger tattoos!
Hunt Midi Ring – The item that made me order in the first place. Been looking for a ring tiny enough for my pinkies for quite some time because when you are wearing heavy rings on 8 fingers it looks strange to leave the other two blank. Simple piece that I think should be considered a staple for everyone’s jewelry piles!

Shipping happened nearly instantly as promised and so the order was at my door in much less than a week! It was my bad luck though that one day after doing my purchase they had a sale with 35% off. Probably would have spent as much but would have been able to add another pretty piece or two!

So despite the fact that my skin obviously hates their polyamide jewelry (skin turns green, like the wicked witch of the west – the way it always does when I wear non silver or stainless steel so they are not to blame! And there is that clear nail polish trick, right? – but because all their website and items are witchy this time it actually is funny instead of making me sad. And well, they do have silver and steel jewelry as well so I probably will have to get some of those later this year!)

Do you have some of their stuff? Maybe can tell something about the other materials? Have a nice evening!