How to drive me insane?

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Admitting, I have a problem. Everything around me has its very special place, I get nervous as soon something is not where it should be, could not sleep or concentrate on anything as long as the chaos exists. (Only exception: my tools once I start getting creative). This is one of the reasons why the unfinished cave tends to drain energy, I know I am not able to put everything away so there will be some kind of mess. I keep that chaos limited to my ‘tent’-room until the cave has matching storage. (*tent room = the still mainly empty room from where one would access my balcony, I set up my tent in there, fits perfectly fine, it can get dry when I am not at a festival, is a nice place to read or just to sit and talk with friends and actually I am thinking about keeping it there in the future, once the chaos gets less.)

1602 bats puzzle 1000 pieces 1602 bat puzzle pieces 1k 1602 big bats puzzle 1000 pieces half done

So a few weeks back I was browsing Amazon for decoration for the cave. I still had an empty frame waiting for its place on the wall. Eventually I was browsing for posters or to find some inspiration for another painting. Nothing was found until a few hours later when a handful of bats were on my screen, not a poster or painting but a puzzle. Could not be bad I thought, remembering the puzzles I did in my childhood, and bought it. Probably thought the pieces would magically find their partners and I could look at cute, beautiful bats a few moments later.

Worst. Mistake. Ever. Can I repeat this enough? Sorry to my future children, you will have to do the puzzles without me, they really drive me insane. 1000 (1k!) pieces of bats and white background were covering my floor, bats all have wings and fur, feet and ears and the pieces have the worst irregular shapes possible, so whenever I thought I would have found a matching piece a minute later I knew I was wrong. 48.89×67.63cms (19 1/4″ x 26 5/8″) of torturing insanity. Today though I finally can announce that I managed to finish this horrible thing. Might take me a while until I am willing to look at it ever again.

1602 bats puzzle decor poster goth halloween insane

Ok, they look cute and beautiful but I can still feel the pain of some of the worst hours I’ve spent so far. My friends during that time made fun of me, staring at the pieces, screaming, trying not to cry desperately or taking a hammer to force the pieces to the spot they refuse to go in. Hoping nobody ever will think it would be a good idea to give me a puzzle, no matter what it would look like in the end, I would refuse to put it together.

Anyone else who would get insane from a puzzle or similar things? Please? Have a nice evening!