Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-02

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Yes, I know it is a post early – simply because last month was a post less than usual! This was from a day in the city and DVD-marathon afterwards. Not turning into a person to sit on their couch 24/7 but all of us thought would not be able to stay up late that day – were wrong thinking so – did finish 5 movies before we went to bed about the same time we would on a regular party night!

1602 ootd goth corset chains leatherskirt

next piece of the grey velvet background currently is sleeping next to my sewing machine… Think I will need one or two more though…

1602 ootd rings catskull rogue and the wolf black goth 1602 corset gothic pentagram chains 1602 ootd goth rings chains

What I’m wearing

Underneath the leather skirt / hiding with the stompy boots there would be some simple pair of leggings, this skirt, if worn by itself, would cause me to sweat and a few minutes later freeze to death, leggings seem to prevent both…

Skirt: Phaze
Corset: Playgirl, white label
Everything else: Top & Cardigan from H&M or Primark (I think…?), Jewelry random plus The Rogue and the Wolf (Lupus midi ring, cat skull ring, Moonrise necklace)

1602 ootd fotd makeup eyeliner glasses 1602 ootd hairstyle braid ombre orangegreen sidecut goth alternative stargazer uvred yellow africangreen 1602 ootd gothic nailart spiderweb stargazer 129 306


Nothing special today but a new pigment from Illamasqua (Draco).

Eyes: Stargazer (Liquid eyeliner in black, black kohl eyeliner), Illamasqua (Pure Pigment in Draco), Alverde (Nothing but volume mascara), random black eyeshadow to blend in a bit
Lips: Jeffree Star (Liquid lipstick in Posh Spice)
Nails: Stargazer (129, 306), random white for spiderweb details.

Do you also have some pieces of clothing you need to play some trick on to be comfortable? Have a nice evening!