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Month: January, 2016

DIY: Oversized Men-shirt turned into a mini-dress!

Hey there, Internet!

Today’s post is a really quick DIY-tutorial on how to turn oversized / xxl men shirts into mini dresses. Useful for those girls that simply prefer wearing dresses instead of shirts or maybe there were only men shirts left of that special shirt that you wanted?

1601 diy tutorial goth bandshirt to dress unterschicht 1601 diy tutorial goth bandshirt minidress backside nosew

When Sven (Unterschicht, for those darklings who enjoy a bit of electronic music) visited a few weeks ago this shirt said it wanted to be a dress (don’t question this, clothes can talk.). Of course there are a million different ways to turn shirts into dresses, this is just one of them and shows how I usually start with mine, some get proper sewings from the beginning or after being worn a few times but quite often I prefer to leave them just this way with all the safety pins and holes. Because I like how it looks and because you will always have that extra safety pin with you! So this tutorial is for an easy, no-sew, simple version.

1601 diy tutorial oversized xxl menshirt to minidress unterschicht

What you will need:

list-bat-png XXL Menshirt
list-bat-png Fabric scissors
list-bat-png Unstitcher
list-bat-png (A million) safety pins

 1601 diy tutorial unstitch dress 1601 diy tutorial bandshirt to dress goth 1601 diy tutorial goth bandshirt to dress nonsew safetypins

How to:

Sometimes you might have an idea of how you want the dress to look like in the end, sometimes not…

list-bat-png I usually start by unstitching the bottom hem, this gives a few cm length and beginning with things that are reversible makes it easier to slowly get more creative while keeping the risk of ‘destroying the entire shirt enough to only be able to use it as patch’ at minimum. If you like to keep everything clean you can remove the tiny pieces of threads, I simply wait until they are gone by themselves after washing the shirt a few times.
list-bat-png Next remove / simply cut off the collar and sleeves, if you want to stay on the safe side first go 0.5cm around it without changing the shape. Removing the collar will make it easier to put on after doing hair and makeup, loosen the upper part of the dress might – depending on the fabric – add even more length, will add a bit of space to display your jewelry or to show your collar bones or chest tattoos.
list-bat-png This is the point when I put it on for the first time, putting a safety pin to the fabric on both sides of my waist where I want the ‘seam’ to be, same with the bottom hem and armpit, this will make it easier to give the dress a shape that will look on you and feel good. Due to the safety pins being non permanent it is ok to try a bit before you are happy with their location on both sides. Take the dress off again, put it on the floor and use some more safety pins to ‘connect the waist pin to the bottom pin and the armpit pin. I usually like to create some hourglass shape for mine but it probably will look great (which will make the dress stay in shape when you put a corset on top) with a lot of different silhouettes / cuts. Try it on again until you are happy with those exact safety pin seams.
list-bat-png Cut off the extra fabric, again 0.5cm next to the safety pins and put the dress on again, it now should be easier to decide for a type of neckline, tight or wide, what kind of shape? Maybe irregular or wide enough to be able to wear the dress off the shoulder? Do you prefer the hems to look torn or clear? For the shoulder parts, one or more straps? Again, taking it off, cutting, adding safety pins, putting it back on,…

This would be what I usually do with all of them, afterwards I might add some extra cuts, patches or do some seams with my sewing machine.

Do you have any simple DIY’s that you tend to use a lot and alter a bit everytime? Have a nice evening!

Empties 2015!

Hey there, Internet!

While I am working on turning a Men XXL shirt into a mini dress (including blogpost) this one has been waiting a few days in line now so… During Autumn / Winter I didn’t throw away my empty products (or those that turned bad) and following some blogs that do that kind of posts on a regular basis I thought I would give you some more detailed reviews on the stuff that passed away as well!

1601 review empties2015 illamasqua boosh scorn chinaglaze itsalive alverde mineralprimer

Alverde – Mineral Face Primer, Shimmering Rose: An amazing primer with some decent, tiny glitter / shimmer particles. I like to add this to my liquid foundations when applying because it helps to create a more even look and the makeup will stay in place longer. This has turned into a staple piece for me and I have several backups at home.

Chinaglaze – It’s alive (985): This has been one of my favourite nail polishes for years. Sadly the structure now turned sticky and won’t dry anymore. It was sold a few years ago in a limited Halloween edition but if I ever come across this or a similar color (clear base with different mossy green glitter particles) I will definitely repurchase!

Illamasqua – Boosh & Scorn: Shiny and matte black nail polishes. I liked them, especially since the matte black was the first one to actually stay matte on my nails. They also survived the 12 months that were promised before turning bad / sticky structured, but with all the different companies that offer black nail polishes I probably will continue to try different ones. Of course, if there is a special deal going on when I am shopping at their webshop I will repurchase.

Illamasqua – Powder Foundation #115: Another staple and love at first sight. Same as with the Alverde Primer I already have backups at home. The first one arrived broken for me as well as for many other people. Since then they seem to have improved their packaging for this product. Will stay on my face for the entire day, when sweat, rain or bad food happen (last will lead to my skin being even more oily than usual so needed to be mentioned) a tiny touch up is needed and I’m fine again!

Did you find any new staples or bummers in 2015? Have a nice evening!

Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-01

Hey there, Internet!

With the temperatures finally dropping, rain gets less and it is possible to properly backcomb ones hair again! Always surprised to see how much my hair grew! If I’m not mistaken they were only about shoulder length in October…?

1601 ootd accessories rings gothic skull silver 1601 ootd gothic rockinbones skirt cemetery pentagram velvet corset 1601 ootd gothic jewelry silver pentagram cross skull corset

That was for a movie marathon, Harry Potter & The Walking Dead, laughing with friends, eating potato chips and trying to find nice cocktail recipes for the mandrake liqueur while there is the first snow chaos in Germany this year outside. (Lasted only a few days but was quite scary, even with good tires and driving very slow / half the speed the mainstreet usually is been driven on with / it was difficult to keep control of my car)

What I’m wearing

Last time in the city I went to Primark for some socks I also took that warm leggings and shirt with lacing details that I could not resist…

Skirt: Rockinbones (Cemetery skirt)
Corset: Playgirl white label (Black Velvet)
Top & Leggings: Primark
Accessories: As always random and the ring I just bought from Restyle.

1601 fotd makeup gothic spiderweb halloween stargazer illamasqua sleek 1601 fotd gothic lips ombre darkgrey silver necromancy itswednesday illamasqua phenomena piercing 1601 fotd hairstyle orangehair sidecut backcombed deathhawk goth


No actual eyeshadow today, instead a bit of spiderweb decor.

Lips: Necromancy (It’s Wednesday!), Illamasqua (Liquid Metal in Phenomena)
Eyes: Stargazer (Black Kohl Eyeliner, Black Liquid Eyeliner), Illamasqua (Mascara in Raven, Liquid Metal Phenomena), Sleek (Bad Girl Palette (Innocence, Blade)
Nails: Random Black, without any nailart because I was hoping my latest order with nailstickers would arrive so I could try working with them.

Did the temperatures drop as well in your area? Did it change the way you dress / do your makeup? Have a nice evening!

Batfit 2016, January!

Hey there, Internet!

December 2011 our dear Professor Z first invited us to join her on a journey / challenge called bat fit, a group of darkly inclined bloggers would support each other getting healthier throughout the year. With it being January, 2016 it is about time to think about what we would like to achieve this year!

Bat Fit 2016 1601 batfit january goth fitness weights dance healthy year in review stomach batfit

The evil numbers: I know one should not focus on numbers but I have been everywhere from 120+kgs-61kgs, noticing when my body felt good and when my body was in pain. Currently at 75kg my long time goal would be to be back at 61-65kgs but first goal is to get under 70kgs. (To anyone wondering, I am 1.75m)

Workout: Required, muscles feel better than fat (nope, no fat blaming here, just talking about what -I- felt good with.) Workout every day was nice but my life changed enough to make it impossible, every two days will be tried, warmup, 50 minutes workout, 10 minutes stretches, 30 minutes dancing. Hoping to get back that stomach you can see above (circa 2012/2013?!)

Food: Montignac. Worked fine for me, then my lactose-intolerance became worse and gluten-intolerance appeared as well. Still figuring out how to eat healthy while taking care of all of the three – but I will not give up on a glass of Absinthe on my days off. Will try to reduce my energy drink habits to 0.5l / day and get up to 1.5l water a day, lately it was the same way around and I had far too many snacks as well…

Soul: Already on its way back up, the cave looks like a place to live (hoping to finish in 2016…) and I finally had the guts to show some of my arts. Next year I want work more on them to get better, especially in the details of Jewelry pieces (already bought a new sketchbook). I also want to DO / experience something special every month, to have something I can look back at that I enjoyed. Focus on positive things.

October-December probably my readers were able to see I have been going through a bad phase, bad eating habits, no power to workout or to take good care of myself in any way at all. Not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but by writing my bat fit goals down I have something to stick to, hopefully it will be enough of a motivation!

Did you already join our Professors group of bats? Have a nice evening!

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