Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-01 (II)

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

What to do as soon as your cold gets better and your nose stopped running like crazy? You head to your local piercing studio and get your nostril repierced then go back home and play with your makeup (leaving the area next to the fresh piercing clean, of course). This is what happened and well, the rest of that day was spent fully dressed, sitting on the couch, watching some DVDs and sleep a bit. Who doesn’t need those lazy days sometimes?!

1601 ootd2 gothic corset punkrave jewelry

Still preparing the fabric for the background of future Outfit posts – grey crushed velvet – but I think it looks better already? Was pretty difficult to get ok-ish pictures of black outfits in front of black furniture & fabric so hopefully the contrast the new fabric gives will improve the pictures!

1601 ootd2 winklepickers pikes gothic gothicshoecompany batbuckles 1601 ootd2 jewelry accessories rings goth fishnet gloves 1601 ootd restyle jewelry gazelle skull black necklace ombre dipdye hair orange green goth alternative

What I’m wearing

This skirt makes me wish for summer even more, high wasted and probably would look great in outfits without corsets as well!

Skirt: Punk Rave (Haul post will be up in a few days!)
Corset: Restyle
Shoes: Gothic Shoe Company, Dark Godess
Everything else: Random rings and wristbands as always, Ripped fishnets as top and Restyle Gazelle Skull Black Necklace

1601 ootd2 stargazer eyedust gothic eotd eyeliner green blacklips piercings 1601 ootd2 nailpolish nailart skullring stargazer black chrome topper 1601 ootd2 eyeshadow detail treebranches green eyedust stargazer mua gothic


Turned out totally different to what I had planned though…

Eyes: Stargazer Eyedust (18, 52, 101), Mascara (black), Liquid Eyeliner (black)
Lips: Alverde Gel Eyeliner (works as lipstick unless you eat oily things)
Nails: Stargazer (129, 232, 306)

Anyone up for some (horror-)movie marathon? Have a nice evening!