Cruelty free cosmetics & Lush must haves!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

First of all: No, I am not blaming anyone, I made the decision to switch to cruelty free cosmetics for myself because to me it feels right and because after trying I noticed that there are cruelty free companies offering products from drugstore prices to high end prices, same with quality.

So when you are a makeup / cosmetics / whatsoever addict you might probably get excited every time you see some new sparkling (as in: this company knows how to advertise their products and what packaging is required to get people to buy their stuff) collection being announced in a newsletter or when you see them in the stores. I know I do.

Still, these days, before I buy a product I do my researches if that company tests on animals, even ‘natural cosmetic’ brands might belong to a bigger company that does test. Of course, no company wants to risk their customers to get sick from their expensive products but with all the nice indy brands these days and bigger brands that proudly state they are cruelty free as well, there is no reason in testing in my opinion. (Ignoring all questions about testing for medical things or vegan lifestyle here though.)

Yes, there are products that I miss (or still am looking for a substitute product), such as MAC blotting powder or their foundations in general (though Illamasqua is pretty close) but MAC Cosmetics made their decision against a lot of long time customers when they started selling in China a few years ago, where testing on animals still is required. There are countries though that already have opposite laws, countries that do not allow testing on animals. Still a lot of companies that also sell their products in China are available in Germany and other countries as well. So if you want to make this a criterion when buying your makeup a bit of research might be required. For german people I can highly recommend the cruelty free list at blanc et noir and for english speaking people the international company list by PETA USA.

1601 review lush cruelty free cosmetics argan musthaves

Probably a more expensive company, compared to some indie brands or drugstore brands, that is quite popular amongst beauty addicts would be Lush. Founded in the UK in 1995, 100% cruelty free and most of their products are vegan, using high quality ingredients. When buying in store you can buy most of their products without additional packaging and once you used up your shower gels or creams you can return the bottles to them for recycling! They also do run campaigns for different aspects of conservation / climate or animal protection.

Anyways, I also would like to share what would be my 5 must haves from Lush today!

list-bat-png Shower Gels! – Since I sadly don’t have a bathtub in my flat I have to stick to their shower gels, it still makes me sad, that Flying Fox (jasmine scented) is now discontinued and I treasure the few drops I have left. Whenever Rose Jam is available I buy a bottle or two, same with Lord of misrule shower gel (loved it as bathbomb and was heartbroken when I could not use them anymore but now they finally turned it into a shower gel!) it has a slightly thinner texture but when you use a shower brush or sponge you barely will notice this. Their shower gels have impressively intense scents and afterwards the skin feels soft and clean as it should.
list-bat-png Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner! This thing is perfection, I use pure argan oil for my hair already but with my oily skin I never thought of using it on my face as well, then Ro’s was there. Instead of using it as body conditioner I use it as body butter / skin and face cream each day after shower and after maybe a month my skin started to look much softer, less breakouts, less obvious wrinkles and the oily parts did not get worse (I actually think they even got better) And the scent is amazing, Rose usually goes along with Patchouli really well so I would not have to be careful with any of my perfumes as well!
list-bat-png Lip Scrubs & Balms! Even if I have homemade Lipscrubs around most days, there still will be at least the Popcorn lip scrub on my bag. Lush has a lot of different scents and flavors in these as well but to me Popcorn is the best, sweet and salty at the same time! On lip balms, there are at least 5-in-use pans of Lip Service in my flat and bags, was one of the first products I ever bought at a Lush store and still one of my favourites, keeps your lips smooth and also gets used as hand balm often! (Need to try that Rose Lollipop one though!)
list-bat-png Tooth Faerie! Toothpaste powder that sparkles. Best thing to use at home or while traveling. Dipping your toothbrush in and you’re ready to go (yes, really sparkles, maybe not as much as I would love but still you will be able to see it). This also is the first time I enjoy a fruity tooth product more than minty ones! And yes, they seem to as well have non sparkly powders and different tooth tabs…
list-bat-png If you bring 5 empty pots to a Lush store for recycling you get a fresh face mask for free, the people at the store can help you to decide for one that will work with your skin (of course you can also buy it but this way you can get one for free!)

That and usually my soap is also from Lush (and massage bars, some perfumes,…). In their email newsletter they announced a soap with rose scent that I have to buy next time I am near a Lush store. Or maybe I will have to order it online. Don’t get me wrong but I need to rant a bit:

*rant* While travelling a lot and moving a lot I have been to many Lush stores, most of the people were really caring, especially the ones in Munich (near Sendlinger Tor, I left with bags filled with Lushy goodness even when I didn’t plan to actually buy anything, it felt as if the people really cared and really loved the products themselves.) or Cologne. But my local Lush store just nope. I tried quite a few times, sometimes I was the only customer and still got ignored. Last time I was trying to repurchase the tooth faerie powder and when the girl who tried to find it asked her workmate he looked up grumpy, grumbling that they were of course sold out – with that sound in his voice why we would even dare to ask, if we were stupid to not know. He often seemed to be in this mood when I stepped into the store and I am sorry, if I go to a store (willing to spend a lot because that’s what you do at Lush) and there is a lack of that familiar Lush atmosphere I refuse to spend that much money, no ‘Oh, I think you might like this, let’s try it!’ or random chatting or whatever. I can as well buy those things online then and simply stick to my staples instead of discovering other products to love. *rant over* sorry for that…

Do you try to avoid companies that test on animals or maybe even only buy vegan products or is this something you don’t usually look at? Have a nice evening!