DIY: Oversized Men-shirt turned into a mini-dress!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Today’s post is a really quick DIY-tutorial on how to turn oversized / xxl men shirts into mini dresses. Useful for those girls that simply prefer wearing dresses instead of shirts or maybe there were only men shirts left of that special shirt that you wanted?

1601 diy tutorial goth bandshirt to dress unterschicht 1601 diy tutorial goth bandshirt minidress backside nosew

When Sven (Unterschicht, for those darklings who enjoy a bit of electronic music) visited a few weeks ago this shirt said it wanted to be a dress (don’t question this, clothes can talk.). Of course there are a million different ways to turn shirts into dresses, this is just one of them and shows how I usually start with mine, some get proper sewings from the beginning or after being worn a few times but quite often I prefer to leave them just this way with all the safety pins and holes. Because I like how it looks and because you will always have that extra safety pin with you! So this tutorial is for an easy, no-sew, simple version.

1601 diy tutorial oversized xxl menshirt to minidress unterschicht

What you will need:

list-bat-png XXL Menshirt
list-bat-png Fabric scissors
list-bat-png Unstitcher
list-bat-png (A million) safety pins

 1601 diy tutorial unstitch dress 1601 diy tutorial bandshirt to dress goth 1601 diy tutorial goth bandshirt to dress nonsew safetypins

How to:

Sometimes you might have an idea of how you want the dress to look like in the end, sometimes not…

list-bat-png I usually start by unstitching the bottom hem, this gives a few cm length and beginning with things that are reversible makes it easier to slowly get more creative while keeping the risk of ‘destroying the entire shirt enough to only be able to use it as patch’ at minimum. If you like to keep everything clean you can remove the tiny pieces of threads, I simply wait until they are gone by themselves after washing the shirt a few times.
list-bat-png Next remove / simply cut off the collar and sleeves, if you want to stay on the safe side first go 0.5cm around it without changing the shape. Removing the collar will make it easier to put on after doing hair and makeup, loosen the upper part of the dress might – depending on the fabric – add even more length, will add a bit of space to display your jewelry or to show your collar bones or chest tattoos.
list-bat-png This is the point when I put it on for the first time, putting a safety pin to the fabric on both sides of my waist where I want the ‘seam’ to be, same with the bottom hem and armpit, this will make it easier to give the dress a shape that will look on you and feel good. Due to the safety pins being non permanent it is ok to try a bit before you are happy with their location on both sides. Take the dress off again, put it on the floor and use some more safety pins to ‘connect the waist pin to the bottom pin and the armpit pin. I usually like to create some hourglass shape for mine but it probably will look great (which will make the dress stay in shape when you put a corset on top) with a lot of different silhouettes / cuts. Try it on again until you are happy with those exact safety pin seams.
list-bat-png Cut off the extra fabric, again 0.5cm next to the safety pins and put the dress on again, it now should be easier to decide for a type of neckline, tight or wide, what kind of shape? Maybe irregular or wide enough to be able to wear the dress off the shoulder? Do you prefer the hems to look torn or clear? For the shoulder parts, one or more straps? Again, taking it off, cutting, adding safety pins, putting it back on,…

This would be what I usually do with all of them, afterwards I might add some extra cuts, patches or do some seams with my sewing machine.

Do you have any simple DIY’s that you tend to use a lot and alter a bit everytime? Have a nice evening!