Empties 2015!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

While I am working on turning a Men XXL shirt into a mini dress (including blogpost) this one has been waiting a few days in line now so… During Autumn / Winter I didn’t throw away my empty products (or those that turned bad) and following some blogs that do that kind of posts on a regular basis I thought I would give you some more detailed reviews on the stuff that passed away as well!

1601 review empties2015 illamasqua boosh scorn chinaglaze itsalive alverde mineralprimer

Alverde – Mineral Face Primer, Shimmering Rose: An amazing primer with some decent, tiny glitter / shimmer particles. I like to add this to my liquid foundations when applying because it helps to create a more even look and the makeup will stay in place longer. This has turned into a staple piece for me and I have several backups at home.

Chinaglaze – It’s alive (985): This has been one of my favourite nail polishes for years. Sadly the structure now turned sticky and won’t dry anymore. It was sold a few years ago in a limited Halloween edition but if I ever come across this or a similar color (clear base with different mossy green glitter particles) I will definitely repurchase!

Illamasqua – Boosh & Scorn: Shiny and matte black nail polishes. I liked them, especially since the matte black was the first one to actually stay matte on my nails. They also survived the 12 months that were promised before turning bad / sticky structured, but with all the different companies that offer black nail polishes I probably will continue to try different ones. Of course, if there is a special deal going on when I am shopping at their webshop I will repurchase.

Illamasqua – Powder Foundation #115: Another staple and love at first sight. Same as with the Alverde Primer I already have backups at home. The first one arrived broken for me as well as for many other people. Since then they seem to have improved their packaging for this product. Will stay on my face for the entire day, when sweat, rain or bad food happen (last will lead to my skin being even more oily than usual so needed to be mentioned) a tiny touch up is needed and I’m fine again!

Did you find any new staples or bummers in 2015? Have a nice evening!