Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-01

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

With the temperatures finally dropping, rain gets less and it is possible to properly backcomb ones hair again! Always surprised to see how much my hair grew! If I’m not mistaken they were only about shoulder length in October…?

1601 ootd accessories rings gothic skull silver 1601 ootd gothic rockinbones skirt cemetery pentagram velvet corset 1601 ootd gothic jewelry silver pentagram cross skull corset

That was for a movie marathon, Harry Potter & The Walking Dead, laughing with friends, eating potato chips and trying to find nice cocktail recipes for the mandrake liqueur while there is the first snow chaos in Germany this year outside. (Lasted only a few days but was quite scary, even with good tires and driving very slow / half the speed the mainstreet usually is been driven on with / it was difficult to keep control of my car)

What I’m wearing

Last time in the city I went to Primark for some socks I also took that warm leggings and shirt with lacing details that I could not resist…

Skirt: Rockinbones (Cemetery skirt)
Corset: Playgirl white label (Black Velvet)
Top & Leggings: Primark
Accessories: As always random and the ring I just bought from Restyle.

1601 fotd makeup gothic spiderweb halloween stargazer illamasqua sleek 1601 fotd gothic lips ombre darkgrey silver necromancy itswednesday illamasqua phenomena piercing 1601 fotd hairstyle orangehair sidecut backcombed deathhawk goth


No actual eyeshadow today, instead a bit of spiderweb decor.

Lips: Necromancy (It’s Wednesday!), Illamasqua (Liquid Metal in Phenomena)
Eyes: Stargazer (Black Kohl Eyeliner, Black Liquid Eyeliner), Illamasqua (Mascara in Raven, Liquid Metal Phenomena), Sleek (Bad Girl Palette (Innocence, Blade)
Nails: Random Black, without any nailart because I was hoping my latest order with nailstickers would arrive so I could try working with them.

Did the temperatures drop as well in your area? Did it change the way you dress / do your makeup? Have a nice evening!