Batfit 2016, January!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

December 2011 our dear Professor Z first invited us to join her on a journey / challenge called bat fit, a group of darkly inclined bloggers would support each other getting healthier throughout the year. With it being January, 2016 it is about time to think about what we would like to achieve this year!

Bat Fit 2016 1601 batfit january goth fitness weights dance healthy year in review stomach batfit

The evil numbers: I know one should not focus on numbers but I have been everywhere from 120+kgs-61kgs, noticing when my body felt good and when my body was in pain. Currently at 75kg my long time goal would be to be back at 61-65kgs but first goal is to get under 70kgs. (To anyone wondering, I am 1.75m)

Workout: Required, muscles feel better than fat (nope, no fat blaming here, just talking about what -I- felt good with.) Workout every day was nice but my life changed enough to make it impossible, every two days will be tried, warmup, 50 minutes workout, 10 minutes stretches, 30 minutes dancing. Hoping to get back that stomach you can see above (circa 2012/2013?!)

Food: Montignac. Worked fine for me, then my lactose-intolerance became worse and gluten-intolerance appeared as well. Still figuring out how to eat healthy while taking care of all of the three – but I will not give up on a glass of Absinthe on my days off. Will try to reduce my energy drink habits to 0.5l / day and get up to 1.5l water a day, lately it was the same way around and I had far too many snacks as well…

Soul: Already on its way back up, the cave looks like a place to live (hoping to finish in 2016…) and I finally had the guts to show some of my arts. Next year I want work more on them to get better, especially in the details of Jewelry pieces (already bought a new sketchbook). I also want to DO / experience something special every month, to have something I can look back at that I enjoyed. Focus on positive things.

October-December probably my readers were able to see I have been going through a bad phase, bad eating habits, no power to workout or to take good care of myself in any way at all. Not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but by writing my bat fit goals down I have something to stick to, hopefully it will be enough of a motivation!

Did you already join our Professors group of bats? Have a nice evening!