Winklepickers! (Review: The Gothic Shoe Company)

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Not another review? I am sorry but these shoes simply are amazing and after hunting for ‘my perfect pair’ of winklepickers for years and finally finding them this review needs to be done!

1512 winklepickers pikes goth pointy shoes leather boots bat buckle drings gothic shoe company 1601 review thegothicshoecompany winklepickers pikes handcrafted bat buckles drings darkgoddess size8 blackleather 1601 review thegothicshoecompany winklepickers pikes black leather pointy boots

This is about my first purchase at The Gothic Shoe Company, Handmade Winklepickers. A company with more than 30 years of experience! (Sidenote: I’m not a shoemaker / professional  when it comes to shoes, just telling my thoughts & experiences!)

Buying clothes, shoes and so on online can be tricky, you never know if the things you buy, which can be really expensive as well, will fit you. So the first thing I was impressed by was their customer service, I sent them a mail (march, 11th) asking about sizing and received a reply the same day! I usually am a size EU41/42 US 10/11 UK 8 (depending on shoe company, yes. big feet, don’t trigger the memory of not being able to get those strawberry scented shoes in my childhood that I still remember the TV-advertizing-jingle for that were only done for kids with feet 2 sizes smaller than mine!) They have a range of what feels like a million different winklepickers / pikes, shoes, boots and everything in between with different materials / fabrics to chose from as well as different buckles and probably could change even more if one sends them a short mail. Anyways, I wanted to order in June but could not decide between two different pairs. I finally was able to decide for another, third pair, November 29th.

Went for the Dark Goddess, size 8 with D-rings and bat buckles, black leather! Which was strange not just for the fact that winter would be here soon and they actually are some kind of summer-shoes but also for the fact that I usually only wear boots, have some heels for parties but that’s it. Anyways, price was 79.99GBP and 11.99GBP for shipping to Germany. They were shipped December, 17th and the Postman rang the doorbell December, 29th. For handcrafted shoes they sent them really fast and shipping during christmas time always is a bit slow so I think waiting a month is perfectly fine!

1601 review thegothicshoecompany winklepickers pikes bat necklace gothic jewelry

Wondering if they add a matching necklace to every order or if it was some christmas or new customer thing? Whatever, this made me even happier! Thank you!

Box suffered a bit on its way but the shoes inside their wrapping paper were safe. So was the matching bat necklace that they added (same bats as on the buckles) which also was the first thing I saw and who could resist bat-stuff anyways?

1601 review thegothicshoecompany winklepickers pikes flatsole shiny 1601 review thegothicshoecompany winklepickers pikes blackleather pointyshoes

First impression: Since I have had bad experiences with sharp inseams by other brands that was the first thing I tried but these are ‘soft’ enought to not destroy any leggings or other legwear or cut into ones flesh! Inner sole feels thinner than those in my other shoes so I was tempted to try them on already. The outer side / leather as well feels soft and the seams are intact and look as if it was done by tiny faeries to get them this straight right next to the edging. The bat buckles do have brazed like spots on the back where they were attatched to the buckles themselves. (Only on the back, I simply was wondering how they were done) The two straps on each shoe could be pulled out of the loops in the back so if you have more than one pair or matching straps you could as well exchange them for a night. Each shoe also has 8 D-rings (2×4) for lacing. The sole itself is flat, slick and beautiful shiny!

Trying on: Holding them in my hands they really are looking huge but quite narrow so I was wondering if they really would fit! My feet once were really thin but as I got older they now are average for my size I guess. And yes, they fit perfectly fine and don’t even look that huge when being worn! Perfect length, width, no pressure on my ankles (they stick out a bit more and are the reason why most sport shoes will hurt, just to mention). They also are more comfortable than one would assume from a flat sole. Of course, summer or indoor shoes because my feet are literally iceblocks in winter but they definitely were an instant favourite!

The next pair will have to be bought in spring! (For anyone wondering, they are able to do the pentagram buckles inverted as well! Good news – and probably a hint for what will join the shoe rack then) The only thing I hope for is for us to one day be able to select some winter-safe sole because icy streets are a challenge for my combat boots already so the winklepickers better stay inside when it gets too cold. (Or maybe they do have an option like this and this blind bat just did not see it!)

Do you have a pair from the gothic shoe company or from another brand or still looking for the perfect pair? Have a nice evening!