Kreepsville 666 Haul!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

I blame Sylvie (her Review on the Kreepsville 666 devil horn hair clips) and the Black Friday Sales for this! Well, actually I have been drooling over the newer Kreepsville 666 stuff for quite some time now. Newer as in: since before I had to limit my spendings in 2013 because of moving to Munich and away from there again.

1512 kreepsville666 haul hairslides devil horns 1512 kreepsville666 diamond devil horns black review haul

This time I tried to ‘focus on’ hair accessories, I might have quite a lot already but most days simply use the same things. And since winter hopefully will be here soon, woolen hat days will follow (snow & rain simply are killing hairstyles so one could as well go with straight hair add some hair clasps). Only added a pair of Inverted Cross Skull Earrings and a Boo Ghost Glow Patch which will most probably be used to repair a hole in my bat-pack.

Hair stuff bought (slides because I killed the beautiful breaking teeth bands far too fast and slides in my hands survive much longer): Diamond Hair Horns in Black, Hair Bow Pair Heart Green, Mini Bone Hair Slides Glow, Skeleton Bone Hand Hairslides Silver Glitter, Zombie Brain Hair Bow.

I agree with Sylvie that the horns are great, lovely quality and the silver from the slides are barely visible in ones hair, those definitely will be worn quite often! The bow hairslides look cuter than my other jewelry & accessories, might take me a while to get used to wearing them, still good quality and love the heart / brain details! The glitter bone hands will have a hard battle with the green zombie hands that I bought a WGT or two ago, love them!

In the end, yes, I think I am looking forwards to those days with ‘lazy’ hair, wearing some fancy accessories and a lot of these probably will be used for backcombed / deathhawk days as well!

How was your black friday shopping? Who else got some Kreepsville stuff lately? Have a nice evening!