Mobile: Lonely Crow!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

This might be one of the last games / apps I ever will play on my broken screen (because the broken area is not needed and I will be able to get a new mobile in January as well). Sadly though, Lonely Crow seems to currently only be available for iPhone, iPod & iPad. So for Apple users it is freeware and is able to connect to your Game center account as well. The game was released by Tapp Inc. and features simple but cute graphics by Yasir Bugra Eryilmaz.

1512 mobile app review lonely crow start screen 1512 mobile game app review lonely crow

Lonely Crow – official description: Lonely Crow is a simple but enjoyable action game that is based on fighting off the birds who are trying to damage wires by slapping them.

In this game you are the lonely crow that tries to stop other birds from pecking and damaging the wires you sit on. When you’re not fast enough and the birds start pecking on one of the 9 spots of the wires you get three stages of warning (white, black and red) and in the end if they destroy it completely all of the birds will get shocked and fall down. You can move the crow swiping with your finger on the screen and swipe again to push the birds off the wires, get more points the faster you do this. The game of course will get faster while playing and while the description might at first sound a bit boring it is perfectly entertaining and the expressions by the crow and the birds are priceless.

Have you tried this game or have other apps you would recommend? Are there any alternatives for android? Have a nice evening!