Ivy for the Hallway!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

While I thought my kitchen was close to finish all of the sudden I got some major inspiration for the Hallway which is now only in need of a bit of decoration until it is completely done. So some glitter paper and acrylic paint were turned into some ivy-painting and I took a few pictures while it was drying in between the different layers!

1512 diy glitter painting gothic home decor nature ivy in progress outlines 1512 diy art glitter painting home decor gothic work in progress pentagram ivy 1512 diy home decor gothic art pentagram ivy painting glitter

While a lot of countries try to get rid of all their ivy’s it luckily is available for purchase here in Germany, people use it for adding a bit of extra green between their plants or to let it grow onto their houses. One can easily guess how much I adore this plant by looking at my balcony and since a lot of cemeteries also are covered in ivy and the huge painting in my hallway (see post here) pretty much would fit in a graveyard-surrounding I decided this would be a matching subject for another decoration for the hallway (some fake ivy will move in that room next month as well! Would prefer real plants but even at midday there is nearly no light in there…)

1512 goth home decor art painting nature pentagram ivy diy 1512 gothic art pentagram ivy glitter painting diy home decor 1512 gothic art diy glitter painting pentagram ivy home decor

 (This being the finished painting, on one of the built in racks around the kitchen door – And this was another day when I lost control of my glitter addiction…)

Any ivy moms / dads around or are you able to buy ivy in your country at all? Have a nice evening!