Random 15-11

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month and would not fit into another post…

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Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

* Why do people always have to be jealous in their relationships? Seriously, I adore beautiful people, taking pics if they agree (Asking before). I don’t care for your relationship status, it is for a picture, not for the night. When I ask your partner for a picture without knowing you are a couple, simply tell me you don’t want that picture to be taken or that you only accept when both of you are in it, I can’t see what is on your mind and starting some kind of drama will not feel good for any of us…
* Weighted my daily Jewelry for fun this month, was a bit confused to see it is an average of 1kg each day!
* Cutest thing this month: Right after I had my appointment at Fledermausbrille in Düsseldorf – a girl, maybe at the age of 5, proudly wearing a neon pink fluffy jacket & huge fancy shades ran towards me, her parents politely asked if they could take a picture of us together. Made my day, I hope this little lady will make her way, and that her parents will always support her. Also: thank you for that reminder of always staying true to yourself, maybe we will meet again one day!
* It seems the old lady who sneaks into my flat every night and adds dirty streams to my glasses also has a grandchild that adds random things to my shopping cart when I am hungry while shopping for food.
* Having problems with my WordPress switching to German, seems not even WordPress support is able to fix that.
* The Cure will be on a Germany tour in October / November 2016 (I am so nervous right now because I don’t know when exactly my holidays will be so I will have to wait a bit until I can buy my ticket. Update: bought a ticket for Köln / – Cologne for November, 10th hoping I can get that day off)
* When someone draws a heart on my car’s hood is it because they adore my car or because it is still covered in autumn-dirt?
* Can’t believe we already are facing the last month of 2015, even though I really am happy about that, even though blogging added so much positive things, ‘real life’ brought a lot of bad news & moments, let’s see if December is able to write a happy end!

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

* Thanks to Sylvie / Little Corp Goth Girl, her Product Review on the Kreepsville 666 devil horn hairclips convinced me to spend some money! If you are looking for bat family stories as well as cute goth outfits and Pop-figure-addict posts, you should head over to her blog!
* Laura shared a lovely short story, Ink on her blog Roses and Vellum. (Oh, and look, she got a new family member this November as well! Hello, Little Miss Sarah!)
* I have to admitt the early-winter pictures Jade posted of her hometown Picturesque city of Tampere actually do show winter can be nice!

Most played songs this month: (sorry for them mainly being german this time…)

* Teufel – Absinth
* The Crüxshadows – Halo
* Mantus – Tanz mit mir
* Lacrimosa – Kaleidoskop (from new Album ‘Hoffnung’)
* ASP – Duett (Das Minnelied der Incubi)

What was inspiring for you this November? Have a nice evening!