Todays Outfit & Makeup 15-11 (II & new haircolor)

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

There are days that you decide you will no longer think about changing your haircolor a bit but actually do it. This happened right before the last gaming night at my flat. It has been too long that I thought about how much I enjoyed the dip-dye haircolors I’ve had a few years ago and since I would have to re-dye again anyways I tried to do ombre from copper/blonde to my beloved stargazer uv-red/yellow mix first pastellized, then pure color, ending in black tips. Results and details can be seen below!

1511 new haircolor stargazer yellow uvred black ombre orange 1511 new haircolor copper blonde orange black stargazer dipdye ombre 1511 new haircolor stargazer uvred yellow orange goth sidecut dancing

Quite happy with the results even though i now miss my long hair a bit, definitely looked better for ombre effect! Outfit-wise for that night it was a mix between comfy, not tight laced corset, skirt with enough layers to keep me warm (even without the used-to ripped tights) Not seen in the pictures: Cozy socks, handmade by mom. How many gothpoints will I lose by saying that – but at least they were black!

1511 ootd corset gothic heavyred blackmilkclothing jawbreaker rqbl 1511 ootd stargazer illamasqua goth eyeliner makeup 1511 ootd heavy red corset rqbl jawbreaker skull goth

What I’m wearing

Corset: Heavy Red
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing (Beetlejuice)
Skirt: Red Queen Black Legion
Jacket: Jawbreaker

Without a lot of Jewelry or ripped tights, it was warm enough and as mentioned in a previous outfit post when gaming I prefer my hands naked.


Lips: Illamaqua Maneater, Stargazer’s Glitter Black Pencil as liner.
Eyes: Stargazer (Liquid Liner in Black, Black Eye Kohl Pencil), Illamasqua (Mascara in Raven), Sleek (Daphne and Happily ever after from Enchanted Forest, Noir from Ultra Matte V2)
Nails: They obviously did not like being in pictures that day, were plain Kiko 275 with a layer of glow in the dark.

Anyone else on hair-dye-adventures these days? Have a nice evening!