New Glasses!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

I have a fulltime job as geriatric nurse and even though I most probably would be allowed to wear my other pairs of glasses (see detailed review here) from Fledermausbrille (Augenoptik Kilian, Düsseldorf, Germany) I would be afraid of someone hitting and breaking them (believe me, in this job there is a high risk for that!) Until this month I wore a pair of plain, frameless and quite boring glasses to work that I bought about 10 years ago, needless to say my eyes were much better back then and even with those glasses I was quite blind. Eventually I got sick of wearing those and when I visited my mom I had the chance of driving the shorter way to Düsseldorf to take another look at all the different bat-glasses in person. This time I was looking for a plain but still gothy pair of glasses.

1511 review fledermausbrille bat glasses goth spiderweb engraving 1511 fledermausbrille gothic glasses spiderweb engraved

In the end I went with a half-framed pair, no applications on the temple stems but with spiderweb engravings on the outer corners of the glasses. So this myotic, kind of blind bat’s problem is solved and I already made a decision on which pair will move in next – I did mention before that they are addicting accessories, right?

When you are interested in a pair of your own, take a look at all the different glasses and shades (also non prescription for the lucky ones!) or contact lenses they sell on their webshop, shipping worldwide, or maybe take a look at their stand at a goth festival in 2016?

Did you take a look at their stuff yet, what is your opinion? Have a nice evening!