Gothica Absinthe

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Time to apologize! I have been writing on 4 posts at the same time and was not happy with any of them just to find myself in shock when I realized it has been a week without a post! So yes, I am very sorry for getting lost in my writings instead of simply posting. (Thanks to todays Faderhead newsletter talking about deadlines I woke up again!)

So alcoholic drinks have a hard time convincing me, I will have my Vodka when going out, enjoy a glass of Bloody Mary (hah, stereotypes!) or White Russian but when available I will always prefer an Absinthe. Luckily most of my friends agree so I don’t have to have a lot of other drinks at home. There are bottles that I would always have a spare one because it simply is that good, others will only be bought once to try them. Today I would like to introduce you to one that you can find a lot of different online-reviews for so it could have been a good or a bad one for me but talking about stereotypes I could not resist to at least try it!

1511 gothica purple absinthe essence of darkness wordpress 1511 gothica purple absinthe sugar 1511 gothica purple absinthe louche

Essence of Darkness, Gothica Absinthe (80% alcohol, 0.5l bottle). Official description: With a strong wormwood taste and merciless alcohol degree Gothica opens the gates to darkness. Dedicated to the inspiration the recipe makes use of artemisia absinthium as well as other ingredients that are known for their transcendental virtues. Because of its strength, we recommend to serve Absinthe Gothica with three parts ice cold water and two sugar cubes.

Well, the bottle already looks much different, shape- & designwise and with the liquid being unnatural purple / black colored. Not going to lie, I prefer my Absinthe colored by natural ingredients. We tried it with different amounts of sugar and water, giving us every color from bright milky purple to the hint of white / misty color you can see in the pictures.

Some reviews say there will be no louche when adding your iced water but there is, the picture shows 1:4 mixed, 1:2 was really dense, opaque purple. The first slug was strange, of course I did not know what I would have to expect when I read the seller’s description of this brand not wanting to be a traditional french style absinthe. Glass was put aside for a minute. In the beginning it had a strange, strong, nearly bitter taste that was much too intense for my liking and oddly was worse in those glasses with more sugar. The best mixture I tried with this absinthe was with 1 sugar cube and 1:2 mixed with water. Afterwards you will be rewarded with a lovely sweet aroma that will last for a while.

In the end it was quite nice, probably not my favourite but I am happy I tried it and when this bottle is facing the empty side I am sure I will buy a second one!

Have you tried this one yet, what did you think? Have a nice evening!