Homework Assignment: Giving Thanks!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Our dear Professor asked us this month to write a post about ‘giving thanks‘, to write about the things, people, etc. for which we are grateful. Since I just recently did a private soul-strip on the blog (post: Goth and Depression?) and I doubt any of us needs another one this soon I will try to keep today’s post less sentimental!

monthly homework assignment

Thank you Professor, for giving us these fun tasks each month!

I think this would be the time to thank the entire blog-o-sphere, no matter if reader or blogger for all the inspiration and advice given, for all the warm words you always find. Sometimes I feel this is like a second universe with much less hate and ugly thoughts that one can find everywhere out there. An escape from all the problems we face. I met so many amazing people (some were even transferred into the real world by some magic circle! Ok, let’s say by moving houses, holidays and events.) and I learn something new from you every day! Never would have imagined this when I started reading & writing my own blog 5 years ago, when I thought blogging was simply some kind of online & semi-public diary, unexpected joy is even more exciting!

1511 monthly homework assignment goth blog spider black pepper giving thanks

Of course, I also am grateful for family, biological and emotional (closest friends) but let’s keep this post short today!

See, I even managed to understand plants, my former black thumbs (which always made me sad) turned sparkling green, I have my herbs, my ivys, patchoulis and other beautiful ‘children’ and even manage to grow my own fruits! The black pepper shown above might not be the biggest one but still something to be happy about! I enjoy spending time and working in the tiny bit of nature here in my flat every day! Yes I did like nature, plants and life before meeting you but I did not understand them and their needs, sometimes reading ‘professional literature’ is not the thing that will help you achieving what you desire, sometimes you need a person who understands doing that special thing with their heart to teach you.

So thank you, I am looking forwards to what we will be able to experience together in the future and if there is only one person who gets the tiniest bit of inspiration from my blog as well, all the hours spent writing & editing are worth it!

Who else participated in this months homework? Have a nice evening!