Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-11 (Halloween Version – Zombie Misty!)

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

So I was honestly too excited to take pictures before I went out as Zombie Misty on October, 30th / Pre-Halloween-party, but this time I would be cheating and simply re-wear this outfit for the afternoon and take some pictures to show! I know there still is a lot to change for next year but as mentioned earlier this will give me an excuse to attend two Halloween parties in 2016, one as Zombie Misty (2.0) and one in another costume!

1511 halloween costume outfit pokemon zombie misty diy 1511 halloween makeup blood zombie 1511 halloween pokemon zombie misty diy makeup

This time actually I tried to do this as video as well but it seems I need to get some better lightning and a few other things before (Soon, promise!)

1511 halloween pokemon pokeball diy1511 halloween ootd zombie misty magikarp plushie1511 halloween costume pokemon zombie misty cascade badge

Next year the former Magikarp plushie will become a bag. Even though Misty usually has a red bag / bagpack I prefer to have some water-type Pokémon with me and well, I think Magikarps don’t get enough love. I also need a pair of white shoes I could customize, this time I went with my black stompy boots. Also looking for a solution of what to do with the gloves & leggings, I sadly am freezing very easily so in October I need something to keep me warm… Maybe I will add some Ash-like jacket & gloves since he took Mistys bike and there always should be some exchange? The cascade badge necklace will also need a bit of work for a more intense color.

1511 ootd halloween cosplay zombie misty pokemon tattoo zubat

Oh and look, been working on my Pokémon sleeve tattoo again, now the ‘bracelet’ of 6 Zubats is done and next appointment will be November, 30th!

Do you have pictures of your costume this year that you would like to share? Have a nice evening!