Places: Heidepark Soltau, Halloweeks 2015!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

On their instagram Heide Park Soltau (facebook) asked everyone to share their Halloween adventures with them so sure, here are a few pictures of October, 29th when I went to the biggest theme park in northern Germany! When some friends of mine decided they wanted to go there for the Halloween specials (Halloweeks) and asked me if I wanted to join I immediatly bought my ticket. Their Halloween special 2015 was from October 17th-31st, the entire park would be covered in spooky decoration, there would be a medieval fair and a lot of specials – as well as the park being opened much longer (until 9pm, some days 10pm!) so one would be able to ride on the rollercoasters in the dark!

1511 travel places heidepark soltau germany halloween halloweeks jackolantern decoration pumpkin spooky eyes1511 travel places heidepark entertainment theme park halloweeks1511 travel places germany heidepark soltau sculpted angel halloweeks halloween theme park

I think the last time I’ve been there was about 10 years ago and so I was a bit scared if all those amazing memories were real or just some romantic sparkling childhood imagination of mini me. When we arrived at the parking lot though everything was naturally covered in golden fallen leafs, the park itself as promised was covered in beautiful Halloween decorations, Sculpted angels, Jack-O-Lanterns, Spiderwebs, Glow-in-the-dark Eyes and everything you could wish for so even for those who do not dare to go on a rollercoaster ride there would be enough to see to not get bored. To be honest I was not sure if my stomach would be willing to face the extreme rollercoasters with loopings and all that or the freefall tower but in the end I managed to survive those as well. Not just me, also my hair which got a lot of people (visitors and employees) laughing – anyone knows that 3-Wetter-Taft commercial? There should be one for Balea Ultra Power! A lot of people also seemed to have thought I was an employee there, so many pictures were taken but well, it was a fun day!

1511 travel places germany theme park heidepark soltau halloween halloweeks night light rollercoaster1511 travel places germany heide park soltau theme park halloweeks halloween night light rollercoaster 1511 halloween themepark germany heidepark soltau rollercoaster halloweeks night light autumn

Anyways, we went there on a beautiful misty day but still, everything became even more beautiful when the night set in and there was light everywhere! In the evening there also was some firework but we already were at the car by then, next time!

Maybe Heidepark is not as huge as those Disney entertainment parks or Six Flags but still worth visiting, especially during those Halloweeks, for families as well as for Halloween or theme park fanatics! The only things Iwas sad about was the very limited range of gluten free things to eat (yes, sorry I prefer to not get migraines) and facing another medieval fair where the salesman did not have Wikingerblut available (Viking’s blood, mead with cherry, one of the most delicious things ever) and that I was too late for the waterslide, still not complaining, enough things were done that day!

Are there any other theme parks besides Disney & Heidepark that have Halloween specials? Have a nice evening!