Autumn Moon Festival 2015!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

After M’era Luna I thought it would have been the last goth festival for 2015, then my Halloween plans changed and I bought my Saturday’s ticket for the first Autumn Moon Festival (facebook) in Hameln, Germany. With Hameln only being a 60-90 Minutes drive from my home and parking facilities available right next to the festival ares I decided to go there as a day trip.

1510 autumn moon festival hameln germany goth medieval

Sorry for no pictures, my Canon camera sadly had to stay at home and my mobile refused to work.

Autumn Moon festival took place for the first time this year, October 30th-31st 2015. It is a new, mainly indoor goth festival in Hameln, Germany and also includes a medieval / halloween fair which is open to the public without festival ticket and open until November, 1st. For those who still are not satisfied, how about attending camera or drumming workshops, readings or taking a look at the gleemen or bourlesque shows?

The lineup to me was a perfect mixture between different genres as well as well known and new acts for both days. Admitting, the three bands I wanted to see pretty much have been around for what feels forever (in a good way) though and I only managed to see tiny bits of others. Clan of Xymox (facebook) was the first band I really wanted to see that day and they did a great job, no huge effects, simply amazing music, some nice words and more amazing music. If you are looking for a song to be stuck in your ear forever, you might want to take a listen at their ‘All I have’, they did not perform it this time but still I needed to mention. Right afterwards Tanzwut (facebook) did their show, it sadly was a rather short gig as well but it was a festival after all so instead of complaining I should take a look at if there is some future thing announced somewhere close! Whenever you will have a chance to see one of their shows, you should – overflowing with energy on stage with songs that will make you want to dance. The headliner And One (facebook) of course was a great choice to end the night with as Steve Naghavi probably like nobody else is able to entertain his audience – if it didn’t get killed by stage smoke before. Actually I was surprised when he mentioned that the Rattenfänger-Halle usually is a sports hall, sure there were the typical marks on the floor and all that but with the hall itself being dark and the sound of the stage being quite good I managed to not notice it on my own!

You can already buy your tickets for 2016 (October 14th-16th) via the official website I definitely hope to be able to go there next year as well but this time I will stay at a hotel so I can attend both days without having to worry about being too tired to drive back home (or to be able to enjoy another glass of mead – and this also is the only bad thing I can say about that day, I guess the guy who was selling the mead at the time I bought mine was new to his job, seemed to be quite stressed and confused). When staying a few days longer, Hameln also is a city with interesting historical background, architecture and probably is best known for the legend of the Pied Piper of Hameln.

Are there any other new interesting events that you know about or already have been to? Have a nice evening!