Random 15-10

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month and would not fit into another post…

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Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer?

* Far too many people started their last journey this month / year already, leaving valuable but also very painful memories with us.
* How long does ones hair need to be to look ok-ish being dip-dyed and did stargazer change their hairdyes lately? (The uv red I purchased at another webshop last month does look really light, light orange)
* What would be the best way to organize the spot where I store my makeup, jewelry and other accessories?
* What is the best way to fix a broken eyeshadow in a palette?
* Cure Tour? Did I read that right?!
* Did I miss Autumn? It seems the weather switched from Summer directly to Winter here in Germany, we had snow while most trees still have green leaves!
* Random people touching my hair without asking – seriously?
* Somehow this month I was not able to finish the posts that I wanted to finish, there now are a lot of Halloweeny posts waiting for next year…

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

* Questionably Bad ReviewsThe Shameful Narcissist made me think about how I usually handle giving / receiving critics, blogwise, artwise. I am sure this post will do the same for you, maybe sometimes we forget how much time and emotion a person put into their art…?
* October the (Goth-)Blog-o-sphere was pretty much Halloween-ish, there were Halloween hauls and tutorials or inspirational posts for makeup and costumes everywhere! One of my favourites was 10 Halloween makuep transformations on de.lirium
* A Guide to Remove Hairdye at home on Graveyard Picnic – my hair does not like to keep color but when you actually have the opposite problem and try to switch to another color this will help you to find out the best way to do so!
* And of course I loved the Halloween-Tag Blog-explosion, hoping there will be more tags to read & do in the future so I can explore even more inspiring blogs out there!

Most played songs this month

* Faderhead – Horizon Born (Orchestral Version)
* HIM – The Funeral of Hearts
* Skeletal Family – Promised Land
* Soko Friedhof – Und Ich Breite Meine Schwingen
* Marilyn Manson – This is Halloween

What have you been doing this October? Anything exciting planned for the next month? Have a nice evening!