Homework Assignment: What I Love About this Time of Year!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Our dear Professor asked us this month to write a bit about what we love about this time of year. Even though I could scream ‘Halloween’ all the time these days, I will ignore all the Halloweeny-ness and all the Pumpkin-ness in this post!

monthly homework assignment

Here in Europe October time is fall / autumn time, when everything switches from sweating to freezing. It is a month filled with amazing scenery, red and golden leaves in misty mornings as well as beautiful nightfalls with bats flying right over your head, dark nights with perfect view to the stars. The fresh and moist air has a different, calming scent even when the mist is gone during the day.

1510 autumn leaf tree cloudy sky orange 1510 autumn red leaf1510 autumn fallen leafs gold brown crunchy pile

People switch their wardrobes to darker colours, pull out their cozy sweaters, gloves and scarfs and also animals are trying to prepare for the cold season, spiders try to find a way inside to move into warmer corners and probably to be less lonely, squirrels and crows try to hurry and hide even more nuts and other food, and hedgehogs hide themselves underneath fallen leaves.

1510 rotten fallen autumn leafs cemetery wall1510 autumn homework assignment golden leafs ivy cemetery1510 acorn sqirrel food leafs autumn

Sorry for mentioning the autumn foliage in all parts of this post already but those are one of my most favourite nature given things. When I was a child I enjoyed jumping into the huge piles that you were able to find everywhere (growing up near the Harz mountains my family often went up there for long walks). As soon as I found out about hedgehogs hiding in there I carefully stacked up my own piles of leaves to jump in and put back aside afterwards and I still enjoy the crunchy and rustling sound from fallen dry leaves when you walk along.

Hah, sorry, just had to share a few seconds of that with you, even though someone obviously tried to hide all of the leaves from me! I still found a few! (Sadly a lot of the trees did not change to their autumn looks yet and fallen leaves get cleaned away within a second as well. Maybe trees here in Germany need to hand in some request to be allowed to let their leaves fall?)

Did I forget to mention something? Now heading to take a look at the other entries, have a nice evening!