2015 Halloween Giveaway! (Closed)

by Schnauzevoll

Entries are closed and winner has been randomly selected by Rafflecopter! Congrats to the winner and thanks to everyone who entered, if you did not win this time don’t worry, probably will host another on for my 1 year Blogversary on justkeepbrains! in February / March!

Hey there, Internet!

While I am going crazy putting together boxes with Halloween gifts for my friends I thought I would also pack one as a giveaway on my blog (including the stuff that is also included in those boxes for friends who will receive their first year halloween gift from me so if you know you will get a package by me and want to keep the stuff inside as a surprise stop reading here.)! Stuff I simply liked and some things I heard are hard to find outside Germany.

1510 halloween giveaway blog goth bat pumpkin sweets

Rules for entering:

* Simply, enter the rafflecopter giveaway thingie (of course, sharing or following would be nice but knowing the unfollow button exists what can I do…)
* By entering this giveaway you confirm that you are an adult / allowed to enter giveaways, will be able to tell me your name and adress afterwards.
* I am not responsible for any grammar mistakes in the description or missunderstandings of the things included in the package. I also am not responsible for any allergies, reactions, damages on people by the package or on things in the package or money charged by customs or whatever there might be – also please check before if importing any of these products would get you in trouble.
(on a sidenote: things in the package were bought by me, not in cooperation with any company.)

This giveaway is open until 2015, October, 20th at 12:00am Berlin time, open worldwide.

now… awesome, obviously I can’t add the rafflecopter thing right into the blogpost so please head to the rafflecopter site to enter *fails*

Stuff included in the box:

* Sweets (Boo Huus ghost cookies, Vampire bats & Waldgeister Winegums, Missfortune cookie)
* Knick-knacks (Decorative Pumpkin with dangling feet, Magnetic plush bat & postcard, glittery plastic spider, beetle specimen preserved in some acrylic mold thing)
* Spiderwebs & Glitter. (Because I can.)

Have a nice evening!