Sleek: Blush by 3, Pumpkin (363)!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Today is another post about a Sleek product. As you might remember from the Enchanted Forest Eyeshadow Palette, Sleek is a budget friendly and cruelty free brand. After already having quite a few of their Palettes in my ‘collection’ I was browsing though their rouges / blushes because amongst the ones I have been using with most of my previous haircolors there was not a single one that would look good with my now bright orange hair. So as long as I have the orange hair I have been disappointed with my blush color or went with eyeshadows used as blush or without any applied at all.

1510 review makeup sleek blush by 3 pumpkin 363 orange lantern squash ppie packaging product1510 review makeup sleek blush by 3 pumpkin 363 lantern squash ppie swatch pale crueltyfree1509 ootd goth orange hair stargazer sidecut bat glasses alchemy raven

The set as it is, swatches of the three blushes and applied (reposted picture, sorry and yes, I am aware of the fact that I placed it pretty much where one usually would apply contouring products.)

Description by Sleek: Intensely pigmented matte and shimmer blushers. The Blush by ‘3’ palette has been formulated with intense pigment yet the shades can be layered in order to achieve the required intensity.

Let’s just say I could not resist this Blush set’s name (Pumpkin 363) and probably would have purchased it even when it would not have had this perfect, nearly neon orange shade. The set comes in a black plastic case with included compact mirror, has 20g / 0.68os of product that should be used within 24 months. I got this for 13,49€ at shades-of-pink back in August.

Lantern is an intense, satin-shimmery coral-red shade, Squash is a satin finished pink and P Pie with its matte finish is the most bright orange that I have ever seen in a blush (maybe as well in eyeshadows).

The colors are as pigmented as the ones from Sleek’s eyeshadow palettes so you actually have to be a bit careful to not get too much product on, but when being careful and maybe trying on your hand at first they seem to be perfectly blendable or can even be used as sheer hint of color only. When used on primer and being fixed with setting spray it might stay on your face the entire night but having very oily skin like I do, especially during the hot summer months it faded a bit after 4 hours but only needed a tiny touch up to look all new again! In the end the only thing that makes me sad about this palette is that I would love to have this orange as single blusher!

Do you think you found the perfect blush for you yet? Have a nice evening!