by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Early September, 28th 2015 (also known as today) you were able to see a full Lunar-Eclipse. You can imagine I was excited to see I would have that night off work. I know there already are a lot of pictures from tonight all across the internet and a lot of them are in a perfect quality and I still use a ‘standard lens’ and have to learn more about my camera but still I wanted to share a few of the pictures I took with you.

1509 autumn surreal full moon lunar eclipse germany1509 fall full moon lunar eclipse germany autumn trees1509 autumn trees night sky full moon lunar eclipse germany

On the science side – sun, earth and moon have to be in perfect alignment and the moon will appear red, as bloodmoon due to the sunlight being filtrated through the earth’s atmosphere and the earth’s shadow being visible on the moon. It was said that the moon was really close to the earth this time as well and would be a super-moon, to me it seemed quite normal sized though but shining brighter than most days. Common Lunar-Eclipse’s happen about twice a year even though not being visible from all countries.

A lot of Religions believe an event like this especially with this hunters moon being the fourth blood moon since April, 2014 would be a harbinger of prophecy or that it is a night filled with spiritual energy. I spent hours reading though some discussions between people of different religions and science people, learning about their opinions was quite interesting.

Joel 2.31 – The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes

1509 2015 autumn tree full moon starry night sky lunar eclipse germany1509 blood moon eclipse lunar germany1509 2015 autumn full blood moon lunar eclipse germany

That entire spectacle was beautiful to look at, after looking at the moon slowly hiding in the shadows I started to feel so tiny, the entire human race seemed to be small compared to what nature and the universe are and have created. On a sidenote, when I turned around to walk back home I noticed something lurking in a bush nearby. Wondering if the rat who sat in there also was staring at the moon or if it was simply smelling the cat snacks I always have with me? Of course I left a few behind and did hear a nibbling sound after walking away three steps.

1509 scary photography ghost camera night

And even though I am not sure why my camera took a picture on its own, maybe there was a reason and so I have to put it on here as well!

As you can see there were no clouds near my home, only the bright shining full moon, sharing tonights sky with a million stars and trees that slowly are changing their leafs to a beautiful golden color. The sky had that amazing autumn-scent. In the first pictures, there was a hint of fog but I like the way it made the sky glow from all the streetlights and the moon. By the way, anyone else thinks the moon looks a bit like a Pokéball? (Yes, guilty of another Pokémon reference but when seeing a red and white ball my brain does this reflexive.)

Did you get a chance to see the Lunar-Eclipse / blood moon? What do you think? Can you recommend a lens for taking better night-sky-pictures? Have a nice evening!