Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-09 (II)

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

There was a dress I fell in love with quite some time ago but never happened to buy – until this month when I was looking for a few nice things for fall / autumn. I can not express how much I love this dress now that it is in my wardrobe. Even though I think my arms are not that long it seems a lot of long-sleeve things are too short for me, this one is not and all those tangling fringe things are amazing. Anyways, this was on one of the (sadly very rare) absinthe and gaming nights because spending a night with amazing people, enjoying some hours together is something that will keep you happy for some time! And since holding a controller is not comfortable with rings and the dress was enough for me anyways (sorry for fangirling so much today.) Accessories were as minimal as possible.

1509 ootd nails goth halloween eyes black crackle silver1509 ootd queen of darkness witchcraft goth dress corset bat1509 ootd eye makeup shadow black smoky silver winged eyeliner cateye goth halloween illamasqua sleek

What I’m wearing

Dress: Queen of Darkness (Witchcraft)
Corset: label says ‘Playgirl white label’ (definitely not the best quality corset I own though)
Leggings: Blackmilk Clothing (Wet Look)


Necklace: Gift from an amazing lady (Her instagram: @bitterwren)
Belt: Black-Impressions


Lipstick: Only Lush’s Lip Service balm because of food and chatting
Eyes: Illamasqua (Liquid Metal in Phenomena, Mascara in Raven), Sleek (Ultra Matte V2 Palette Noir), Stargazer (Black Eye Kohl Pencil, Black Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Pen)
Nails: Black (Kiko, 275) with black crackling polish (China Glaze, Black Mesh) on top and on thumbs a tiny vampire face in silver (China Glaze, Aluminate)

Do you prepare your wardrobe for fall already? Have a nice evening!