Quote of the Day Challenge!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

M. (The Girl Loves Makeup) tagged me for this here! Her blog-title says it all, great reviews on makeup but with a personal touch – even though her name is still a secret (which I guess is quite hard these days, kind of remembers me of Fran Fine who was able to keep her age a secret, even impossible to find out for CIA, anyone remembers that show?)

And since I love reading and doing tag-things I for sure am in! Also, since browsing through the blogs mentioned in other people’s random posts, tags and awards I tried to tag blogs that I follow, love but haven’t tagged / nominated for things before. Do you like to explore other blogs? take a look at previous award posts or at the bottom of my monthly random posts (writing this maybe I should take a day or two to work on the categories for my posts, because those random posts don’t have their own category yet!)

skelanimal - diego the bat

There is one rule for this tag: Post one quote a day and tag three people to do the same, for three days.

I will not do this challenge the way I am supposed to do though, because I prefer to stick to my schedule so let’s just pretend this post is actually three posts and by reading it three days will pass (be careful, you might not want to read it on fridays then!)

Quote 1 Nothing matters but knowing nothing matters (Wicked Musical, Dancing through life. To be honest I have no clue if this is the origin or if they already used a quote as well but that is what I try to remember, we take a lot of things much too serious, think about unimportant things far too much and doing so we forget to enjoy the good moments and simply life.)
People tagged
– Sylvie / Little Corp Goth Girl
– Becki / Follow the dreamer / Aspiring writer with the love for all things unique
– Lauren / Creme de Lauren

Quote 2Β Du kannst! So wolle nur! (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust. One of my favourite authors, he has written so many inspiring things that it would be difficult to even pick a favourite quote but this one to me is quite motivating and makes me remember that sometimes things you think are impossible actually are not.)
People tagged
– Cathy / Orphea333
– 3llepalmer / The weirdo.
– Brian / Wolfworx Photography

Quote 3 Black is such a happy color. (Addams Family, probably a tough battle for sterotypical goth-blog-quotes, Poe? Addams Family? Cure song quote? This one won, in honor of the goth depression discussion going on these days and simply because it is true, black is a happy color!)
People tagged
Asylum Attendant
– Emily McCrary / Terminal|Distraction
– ❀

Last tag is to everyone reading this post who would like to join, or maybe you would like to share your favourite quote in a comment? Have a nice evening!