(Eye-)Liners! Stargazer Version!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Maybe you already noticed this brand is one of my favourites so some time ago I simply ordered all of Stargazers black & black-glittery liners (pens) so I could compare them for you and review them in a post! For those of you that are interested in this brand, Stargazer (visit their official Facebook site) is a UK-based brand that offers cruelty free and affordable makeup products. Older Stargazer-Hauls can be found here: Lashes / Falsies! and Glitter Lipsticks!

1509 makeup review stargazer eyeliner black glitter1509 review makeup eyeliner stargazer black glitter1509 stargazer review makeup eyeliner brush

(left: all of the liners in this review, center: liners applied to clean skin without any primer, order see below, glitter liquid liner, glitter pencil and eye pencil are double swatches, read more below, right: the intact brush of the black liquid liner)

Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in Black £3.00 – Sadly the brush of mine went messy (without being able to fix it) after three uses, still I love this liner for glitter details – while using other makeup brushes (see second line). This will need some time to fully dry so if you want clear lines you should wait a moment, on the other hand this is perfect if you want to go for a smokey eye, blending or maybe some eye-makeup that looks like you were crying!

Liquid Eyeliner in Black £3.00 – Includes 8g product and should be used within 18 months after opening. The plain black liquid liner is what stayed on my skin the longest, even was visible the next day! The brush will stay sharp longer than the one in the glitter liner so I only switch to my other brushes when I want to do some drawing or really sharp wings.

Glitter Pencil in Black £3.00 – 1.17g of product, should be used within 12 months. Welcome to another post that proves my glitter-addiction. Softest ever pen but still possible to create thin lines with! first layer might not be as black as you might want it to be but as you can see in the top picture you can achieve a black with intense glitter when you add a second or third layer. It also is a product that you can blend really well or use as lipliner.

Eye Pencil in Black £2.50 – 1.1g of product, should be used within 36 months. I have one downside here, it was a big struggle to remove the plastic packaging. In the end that battle was worth it. I usually prefer gel eyeliners for my waterline but this stays on just as long and just as black so it went straight onto my repurchase list because I need a spare one for my purse.

1509 stargazer review makeup glitterliner eyeliner black1509 review makeup stargazer tattoopen eyeliner eyebrowpen1509 review stargazer makeup eyeliner browliner tattoopen

(left: kohl eye pencil and glitter pencil. Pens in order as below, center: tips of the pens next to each other for better comparison, right: applied on Alverde mineral face primer in shimmering rose, eyebrow pen twice because the tip is asymetric and I wanted to show you the thick and thin side.)

Semi-Permanent Tattoo Pen in 1 (Black) £5.00 – All three pens seemed to not stay in place / run into my pores when I applied them to my bare skin but applied with a primer they stayed in place and seemed a lot more pigmented as well! The Tattoo-pen comes with 1.0ml of product and should be used within 12 months. With the fine felt tip you will be able to create really thin lines! On the packaging it says it will last up to 2 days and indeed it will as long as it is dry because at least for me it sadly was not waterproof, smudged when wet. On the pen they also say that you should not use it with lenses.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Pen in 1 (Black) £5.00 – When I applied this one I was confused, to me even though there are different ingredients it looks, applies and feels the same as the tattoo pen! It also is 1.0ml and should be used within 12 months, same warning for lenses as well.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Pen in Black £5.00 – The nib is much different than the ones of the other pens, the angle though is perfect for sharp edges and it still would be possible to end in a thin line! I sadly seem to have rubbed off the writing while I was at M’era Luna so I am not able to tell you how much product is included but the ’12 months’ remained as well as a few words that make me guess also say you should not use with lenses.

What are your go-to liners? Have a nice evening!