Mobile! Nosferatu! (1 & 2)

by Schnauzevoll

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Here is another round of ‘What’s on our mobiles’? This month I have a game for you that already has a second version available as well – Nosferatu, Run from the Sun! An endless-runner game by Smuttlewerk interactive, available for iPhone (as well as iPod/iPad) and Android. Both versions are connected to the Game Center and you are also able to invite your Facebook friends to get some rewards and to compare your scores!

mobile app nosferatu run from the sunmobile app nosferatu run from the sun 2 game startmobile app nosferatu 2 run from the sun pizza level

Nosferatu, Run from the Sun! – official desciption: You are the cutest, fastest and nicest vampire of all time. Can you escape the sun long enough to achieve the fattest HIGHSCORE on the planet? Whatever you do, be careful where you jump to, little Nosferatu!

And yes, that might not explain why this game is so addicting but you will find out as soon as you try. The basic version is for free (of course there are ingame purchases like power-ups and characters available but none are required.) First you will have to decide if you want to play single or multiplayer, which of course will offer rewards if you do well! You are Nos, the vampire and you ‘try to make friends’, you can do this while running into your victims. The character simply runs from left to right through 4 different neighborhoods, to jump from one platform to the next you touch the screen (if you miss, the sun will rise and poor Nos will burn), after a while you switch from running to flight mode, try to avoid the UFOs and collect as many coins as possible, with those you will be able to purchase a lot of upgrades and different characters. Next to the Multiplayer levels there also are different missions for you to solve which makes this game entertaining for a long time!

Nosferatu, Run from the Sun 2! – official desciption: The popular endless runner with over 5 million downloads featuring Nosferatu, the friendly vampire, is moving on to the next round. 

Admitting I thought this game would not be able to get better in a second version and when I tried it for the first time I did not like it at all, but I think they changed a bit in it when I didn’t look (pretty sure it was called Twilight Runner in the beginning? I might be wrong here, though.) because when I tried it again I loved it! Once more you start your journey as vampire Nos with other characters (Lycor, Red Rachel, Mary Medusa) available to purchase. This time though you will have companions, pets and mounts that you will also be able to unlock and upgrade – which I think is a great addition, at least I enjoy riding my black Pegasus and having my faerie with me! The actual gameplay is similar to the first version but without victims, instead you have to avoid or jump on enemies such as flying skunks. There are no aliens in flight mode and only two sceneries for the running levels – but those are much more detailed so you will enjoy a beautiful forest scenery as well as a Pizza one! The distance you run will also be shown on a cute map with places where you can find rewards as well! And of course there are events like this weekend where after the first flight level you would have to fight against crazy as often as you can! So after playing it for a while I really prefer this version and so I will of course have to try if I can manage to ‘finish’ and while doing so I hope a lot of my friends will join me!

You can find and add me to Nosferatu 2 as Schnauzevoll or with my code: PWCPW

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Do you use one of these Apps? Any other you can recommend? Have a nice evening!