Bucket List!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Yes it has been ages, sorry. Those of you that are connected with me on social media sites might have seen my posts on the problems I had passing MOT. We managed to fix everything and now have two years until the next one (and will be saving up for it rather than moving through Germany again.) My ‘Dickerchen’ also now only has 4 years until he will get the historical plate. Anyways, those things made me think quite a lot about what happened in my past and things I want to do in the future so I thought I would follow the blogging trends and share my bucket list with you!

201509 birdskull taxidermy skeleton bone dead diy

Family & Friends

* Visit my mom at least twice a year (2015, 2016,…)
* Continue the Halloween Swaps with my long distance friends (2015, 2016,… simply is a nice way to ‘visit’ when all we can do otherwise is messengers and skype calls, and well, Halloween!)
* Try to meet the friends I know in Germany at least once a year (Usually happens at WGT and M’era Luna anyways but still, missing a lot of them while moving through Germany!)
* Invite my friends to the new flat for a N64 gaming and Absinthe night!
* Manage to live in one flat for 3 years or more and finish decorating. (Living in my current flat since 2015-01-01, this will be difficult due to my gypsie genes)
* Give my car all the restaurations it needs before it turns 30 and achieving the historical plate!
* Have a year without a member of my plant family die from bugs.

Travel & Events

* Travel Europe and its cemetaries!
* UK (London, Whitby Goth Weekend)
* Prague (St. Vitus Cathedral)
* Travel to USA, visit NYC and LA and some cemetaries and clubs there. (And maybe Bats Day at Disney Land?)

Hobbies & Bodymods

* Get my ears pointed by Samppa von Cyborg
* Finish the PokΓ©mon sleeve (Afterwards continue with the long list of tattoo plans.)
* Get my Septum pierced, maybe nostil as well
* Attend a poledance class
* Attend a metal screaming class (this simply sounds perfect!)
* Finish that chainmail dress.
* Have kids asking for candy at my flat on Halloween (Yes, this is not easy here in Germany.)
* Grow the bottom part of my hair to waist length again and dip-dye them green.
* Have the guts to actually show my writings & arts to people (Not talking about the smaller DIY projects I already share here with you)
* Get better in taxidermy (Kind of cruelty free version though, no animal will die for my taxidermy stuff)
* Fully understand my camera
* Learn latin and greek languages (And get better in swedish)
* Also learn ancient egypt language and about hieroglyphics (already have the books at home, what am I waiting for?!)
* See a show at a falconry and have one of those amazing creatures land on my arm.
* Stick to this blog for 5 years (to be continued open end, hoping I won’t feel the need to ever take a break again.)
* Get my online name added to my ID card (because, why not!)

What does your bucket list look like? Have a nice evening!