Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-09

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

This weekend was my first holiday-weekend in 2015 so I decided to start it with some party-nights as well as meeting some friends and whatever comes to our minds. Since I jumped into the car as soon as my flat was prepared for some time on its own I went for some simple, comfortable dress that would be ok for hot weather as well as colder autumn weather. Seriously, the weather here in Germany is going crazy lately, one day you feel as if you were standing in a desert and the next day you have rain, storms and the temperature is only half of what it was the day before. Ah by the way, please send some faerie dust towards my car, have been to the checkup on friday but they said the breaks would have to be changed, some of the parts are not available anymore so might require some creativity by the car mechanic (next attempt is on wednesday…)

1509 ootd blackmilkclothing burned velvet maxi dress ankh1509 ootd goth orange hair stargazer sidecut bat glasses alchemy raven1509 ootd nails black china glaze kiko sophie pokemon zubat tattoo

What I’m wearing

Dress: Black Milk Clothing (burned velvet maxi dress)
Spiderweb-Shrug: Queen of Darkness


Belt: Black-Impressions
Glasses: Fledermausbrille
Earrings: Alchemy Gothic
Random fishnet-gloves, Sophie wristband and some jingling ones and an Ankh-necklace.


Lipstick: Stargazer, Black Glitter (I warned you, favourite.)
Eyes: All sleek that day.
Blush: Sleek as well (Blush by 3, Pumpkin)
Nails: Black by Kiko, Orange Glitter by China Glaze (Flying South)

Do you prepare your wardrobe for fall already? Have a nice evening!